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Increase Your Productivity for a Fraction of the Cost

productivity at a fraction

Flat Planet lost a client last week. Not the sort of thing you would normally write about in a blog and email out to all your other clients!

However, it got me thinking and I think there is an important lesson here for everyone considering using Filipino talent.

Flat Planet lost the account because, on the back of six months of careful monitoring and lots of spreadsheet work, it was found that the activity the workers were tasked with was just not economic.

Business Analysts Handle Facts, Figures and People

 20140701-ImpactWhy do you need a good business analyst?  Companies need business analysts to link all their departments and determine how the company is faring form within. It’s said that the business analyst serves to link all the departments and gauging how their operations are contributing or not to the company’s goals. They  are capable of problem-solving when it comes to data and related information; they know how to determine whether or not a company is incurring losses in different areas.  The core of their work is analysis, and they have to be good at going through financial and other data with a fine-toothed comb and explain what they imply for the company and its various stakeholders.Flat Planet can find and hire one for you, and your company will be all the better for it!

Practical Ways to Look for Qualified Candidates

20140523 hardheads 210x157Ask any member of any recruitment team of a human resources department and they will answer that it’s never easy to look for the best candidates to fill different job openings. As with the case with all companies determine to increase their growth levels and expand, you will want to find the most qualified, most skilled employees! Business process outsourcing (BPO) companies, in particular, find it particularly challenging to find and keep the best employees because there’s an intense competition for them in the industry. What other means can be utilized to find good employees for your company? For instance, work with Flat Planet and let it find the best virtual talent for you.

He Doesn’t Mind Doing Overtime So Long as His Client is Happy

flatplanet blog a virtual experience mhyke enriquez committed in providing the best customer support

Thank goodness for those Adventure Time figures and trips to the salon-- they help keep Flat Planet online customer service expert Michael “Mhyke” Enriquez energized. This 32-year old has worked as a team leader and quality assurance specialist for a number of BPOs before working for Flat Planet and one of its major clients.  As he explains it, his work requires “loads of patience” and “seriously wicked multi-tasking skills!” Mhyke fields customers’ requests and inquiries  through phone, chat at email communication.  He has to make sure that clients’ demands are always met when it comes to order fulfillment and refunds. “Part of my work has me taking on back-office functions, and fielding calls one after the other.This requires fast thinking. It also doesn’t hurt to always have strong presence of mind."

Traffic Problems in the Philippines and Proposed Solutions

 trafficHow do we feel about traffic? That’s a no-brainer. We hate it. And we feel the same for its synonyms which all mean that we’re going to be late for work again, words like “gridlock” and “congestion”.Anyone who has ever visited, worked in or lived in the Philippines would know how bad the traffic jams are in the cities, particularly Quezon City, Manila and Makati. The main avenues of these cities and even the secondary roads are often congested, and the problems of traffic congestion has become so serious that the economy is affected in no small way. There is a reason why popular novelist Dan Brown – author of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and ‘Angels and Demons’ – mentioned Metro Manila’s monumental traffic jams in his book ‘Inferno’. He called Metro Manila the ‘Gates of Hell’.

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