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Flat Planet Launches Android App

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We have some big news, that after the successful launch of our iPhone App earlier in the year, we are launching the Android version, called “Flat Planet iNSIGHT.”

A key aspect of outsourcing goes beyond cultural differences between client countries such as Australia, US or UK and the Philippines. It transcends salaries, IT infrastructure, location and all the other common points of discussion for people deciding whether or not to outsource. This unspoken topic is the transition for companies from a line-of-sight management to a remote team.

Philippines’ Broadband Improvement Set to Benefit BPOs

The deployment of a national broadband plan was one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s initiatives in his State of the Nation Address last July 25, 2016. “Wi-Fi access shall be provided at no charge in selected public places including parks, plazas, public libraries, schools, government hospitals, train stations, airports, and seaports,” he said, to the delight of millions of Filipinos.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), organized at the tailend of Former President Benigno Aquino III’s administration, now led by Rodolfo Salalima, has been given this nationwide task of implementing a new broadband infrastructure.

Build and Foster Trust in Your Virtual Team

Virtual is the new realm for business. For any team in a traditional office environment establishing trust can already be a challenge, and that challenge is even greater for teams whose members are scattered across the globe. As individuals can come from various countries, cultures, and work experiences, there is an increased chance for misunderstandings among the team.

Working with a virtual team doesn’t have to mean being stuck in an atmosphere of suspicion; every working team needs trust at the core of its operations. Trust cannot be measured or gauged as easily as when you are in constant personal interactions with team members. Given the limited opportunities for interaction, there are a few important things you can do to instill trust as the leader of your team.

Flat Planet Family Day 2016

Flat Planet celebrated its sporty-themed Family Day 2016 at the Magallanes Village Gym last September 3, Saturday. It was a successful event attended by Flat Planet staff and their beloved family members and friends. It was great seeing our staff outside the office—everyone was relaxed and carefree, and was able to enjoy the various games, activities, and booths, and the company of the extended Flat Planet family.

The annual Family Day is an anticipated company event as it is the one time in the year solely dedicated to the recreation of staff and their loved ones. Everyone gets to socialize freely over delicious food, and fun, interactive activities. This year there was a magic show, different games for the kids and the adults. There was a bouncy castle, and various booths people could visit, such as balloon darts, ring toss, and face and body painting.

Elevate Your Business Using the Cloud

Most businesses have adapted to new technological innovations in the workplace, one of them being the cloud. Cloud computing involves a platform accessible through the Internet, allowing certain tasks and processes to be accessed and managed by authorized people, as opposed to programs that are anchored to a desktop.

We’ve relied on the cloud more in the past decade than ever. When we update our Facebook statuses, check our bank accounts through our smartphones, watch a movie on Netflix, or edit a Google doc on an iPad, we access data through the cloud. These activities have then since become embedded into our everyday lives because of the easy access and real-time results. But what are its benefits to businesses, especially to those that are just emerging?

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