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Increase Your Productivity for a Fraction of the Cost

productivity at a fraction

Flat Planet lost a client last week. Not the sort of thing you would normally write about in a blog and email out to all your other clients!

However, it got me thinking and I think there is an important lesson here for everyone considering using Filipino talent.

Flat Planet lost the account because, on the back of six months of careful monitoring and lots of spreadsheet work, it was found that the activity the workers were tasked with was just not economic.

How Small Businesses Can Go About Hiring Virtual Employees

flatplanet blog impact workingwithfilipinosAccording to Susan Solovic who wrote the article “How to hire the right virtual employee”, small businesses would do very well working with virtual employees if they follow certain guidelines when it comes to first determining the personal traits of prospective virtual employees and defining their responsibilities clearly even before hiring them. She said that small businesses should consider two general areas carefully if they want to grow their business by taking on virtual employees. Solovic said that when small business owners hire virtual employees, they should determine the potential hire’s personality and temperament and determine whether or not the candidate can function well even without direct supervision.

Outsourcing Has Many Benefits for Small Companies

20140721---Practical-Guide  Small companies often outsource their payroll processing, accounting, distribution, and other important functions so they focus on their core business.  From the outsourcing company’s point of view, outsourcing is a way to lower the cost of production. The saved costs are then passed on to clients in the form of competitive prices. Outsourcing to countries like the Philippines has many advantages. A senior diplomat with the Australian government has described outsourcing to the Philippines as a great idea this way: “Each day 500,000 Filipinos get out of bed to work for American companies. They are the secret sauce that helps to make American companies globally competitive. Wouldn’t Australia be better off if instead these people got out of bed and helped make Australian companies globally competitive?”

SEO Specialist Appreciates Work-Life Balance in Flat Planet

FlatPlanetVirtualExperienceseoHershey Barnett is a SEO Specialist who has seven years of experience under her belt.  She started her career after college as a writer for one of the Philippines’ biggest media networks, and has experience working as a home-based SEO writer. By the time she joined Flat Planet, she had learned much from working with different clients based abroad, and became an expert when it came to campaigns and marketing strategies. “Mine is an exciting job; it keeps me on my toes. I have to read different websites and the articles they feature to determine how well they serve my client’s objectives.  I audit websites and links, and I also review strategies,” she explained. If a link or a URL structure needs tweaking to make it more Google-friendly, she does it herself; if it requires more specific changes, she makes recommendations to the client and has programmers to amend the links. 

The Ties that Bind Australia and the Philippines

20140613-HardHeadsThere is widespread acknowledgement that in recent years, the Philippines has become one of the leaders of the global business process outsourcing industry (BPO) as it competes neck in neck with India as the best BPO destination countries. In 2013, the Philippines earned US$15 billion in BPO-generated revenues, higher by US1.8 billion it made in 2012. In the meantime, the industry has also succeeded in providing one million jobs. For the most part, American and European companies comprise the biggest number of investors in the industry, but according to an article by Gilrenald James Granada titled “Australia: The Next Big Source of BPO Jobs in the Philippines”, the Australian IT industry is making its presence felt in the Philippine BPO arena.

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