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Papal Visit to the Philippines

pope francisNext week, from January 15 to 19, Pope Francis will be in the Philippines. This is an enormous event and it will cause some disruption to all businesses operating here.The Philippines is a deeply religious country, and most of its people are Catholic. They really are deeply Catholic in a way that many foreigners would not recognize. For many Filipinos, the Pope is the actual representative of Christ here on Earth – I suppose they imagine he has an actual telephone to God, or maybe linked telepathically to Heaven as a ‘fourth leg’ to the Trinity?

Philippine IT-BPO Sector Prepares for More Investments in Non-Voice Sector

flatplanet blog practicalguide howtomakehiringprocessmoreeffectiveFrom being primarily focused on voice operations, the Philippines’ business process outsourcing industry has grown tremendously in response to the increasing demand of the global offshoring industry for services in the voice and non-voice sectors, health care information management, global in-house centers (GICs), and also gaming and animation. In 2014, the industry raked in some US$18.4 billion in revenues, and registered an 8.7 percent growth rate.

Using Social Media Sites? Be Good and Follow these Guidelines

FP4Guidelines for engaging in social media sites are the same as the values, ethics, and confidentiality policies that employees should uphold and respect. It doesn’t matter which social media site you’re using – Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr – employees should not forget that while their accounts are private, they are still connected to the company they work for, and there may be repercussions if they overstep boundaries.

Graphic Designer’s Support System at Work Helps Him Excel

lloyd for blogLloyd Q is a senior graphic designer who has worked in advertising for the last five years.  How he ended up in Flat Planet is a happy accident. “Every six months or so I update my resume on the job search site Jobstreet, but  not because I want to look for new work, but mostly just to see if my skills are still in demand in the job market. I was content with the job I had before I joined Flat Planet, but when the call for an interview came, I went mostly out of curiosity. In the end, though, I wasn’t able to resist the offer the company gave me – it wasn’t really just the salary that had me sold on it, (although I was pleased about it), but the fact that I was told there would be many learning opportunities. That’s what really hooked me,” he said.

Philippines is Second Most Attractive Outsourcing Location in the World

flatplanet blog hardheads thebpocase dataprotectionandsecurityinthephilippinesandflatplanetA recent report by an international real estate advisory firm featured the Philippines in a great light. Cushman & Wakefield recently released its report titled “Where in the World? Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Shared Service Location Index,” and it was stated in the report that the Philippines is the second among the most attractive global outsourcing locations on the basis of risks, costs and conditions. Cushman & Wakefield (C&W) was established in 1917 in New York City and it is the world’s largest privately-held commercial real estate services firm, with approximately 16,000 employees operating from 248 offices in 58 countries.

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