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Papal Visit to the Philippines

pope francisNext week, from January 15 to 19, Pope Francis will be in the Philippines. This is an enormous event and it will cause some disruption to all businesses operating here.The Philippines is a deeply religious country, and most of its people are Catholic. They really are deeply Catholic in a way that many foreigners would not recognize. For many Filipinos, the Pope is the actual representative of Christ here on Earth – I suppose they imagine he has an actual telephone to God, or maybe linked telepathically to Heaven as a ‘fourth leg’ to the Trinity?

Factors that Make a Company Attractive to Candidates

20140721---Practical-Guide In 2014, online job search engine came out with a survey on which companies many Filipinos want to work for and why they want to work for these companies. Over 5,600 members participated in the said survey.  The respondents were from different position levels (fresh graduates to top management level) and represented a diverse mix of specializations such as accounting/finance, human resources/administration, sales, marketing, customer service, information technology, and engineering to name a few.The results   of the survey were pretty basic – first, they want to work for companies that pay a good salary. This is pretty basic and expected. According to the survey, salary is the foremost concern of candidates, and the top companies is the list of Most Preferred Employers are among those that are reputed to pay the best salaries in the industries they belong to. This, explained, was true for those surveyed for all position levels, from new graduates to managers.

Professionals Dress for Success and Confidence

 DMH 7043 4We always say that we should never judge a book by its cover, or people by the clothes they wear. It’s always, always what’s on the inside that counts. When you’re up for a job interview, however – or if you’re working for an international company wherein foreign clients sometimes roam the halls, well, that’s a different story altogether. People who come to work looking neat and put together (and by that we do not necessarily mean wearing expensive, designer label clothes and shoes) look more confident and prepared to get down to business than those who come in a wrinkly shirt and pants that look like they’re unravelling. Many an applicant has been rejected because the job interviewer felt that the applicant’s careless or less than neat attire betrays the applicant’s lack of genuine interest in the job.

Flat Planet’s Clients Services Manager is a Real Go-Getter

buiVictoria, or as she's know to friends and colleagues , “Jocas”,  is Flat Planet’s Accounts Manager, and when we say she’s busy, we mean she’s busy.  “My job is to walk through Flat Planet’s clients through the onboarding process. We call it the ‘kick-off session’, and we – Flat Planet—and the client sit and discuss expectations and business requirements. There’s a whole series of steps after this session, and it’s all about keeping our clients satisfied with the services our company provides,” she said. “We hire only professionals in Flat Planet, never new graduates. Our screening process is pretty stringent, and we make it a point to emphasize this to our clients. 

BPO Industry Contributions to Economy Bigger than Received Incentives

flatplanet blog avirtualexperience leavenostoneunturnedThe business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines continues to contribute to the national economy through taxes. According to the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) in a position paper it release, the information technology-business process management (IT-BPM) industry has contributed P1.71 trillion in revenues to government coffers between 2004 and 2012. This was much higher than the P791.93-billion in government-provided incentives it the sector received during the same period.

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