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How the Philippines Works

how philippine works

I watched a documentary with the kids about Earth’s first marine life. These huge things lived with hard exoskeletons. If their hard cases cracked, microbes got in and the giants died by being eaten alive. It reminded me of what it is like running a business in the Philippines. The rigid shell is all the regulation around business compliance, while the microbes are the various government agents.

Equal Opportunity in the Philippines: A Gradual Process

equal opportunities

The Philippines has come a long way since the right of suffrage for women has been put into law in 1937 and changed the course of the country’s history. And while the country has existing laws providing rights and privileges for women and persons with disability in terms of livelihood and self-development, equal opportunity is still in its gradual process of becoming a standard across all organizations.

How Your Business Can Prepare for Disasters

how your business can prepare for disasters

A lot can happen during a disaster in the workplace. Either important files get infected with a virus or your office space becomes flooded during a powerful storm. These types of disasters can very well affect your business, especially in dealing with clients.

Where my time goes?

joanne By: Joanne

“Time is gold” a very common saying that I think all of us knows and in fact we sometimes joke about it, but do we really spend our time as if it is gold? Maybe we often think that life is just a routine most especially being in a corporate world. We wake up early in the morning, eat our breakfast, dress up and travel going to our workplace then do the same thing again the next day.

Why Transparency is Good for Business

business transparency

Since news broke out that the US’ National Security Agency (NSA) and British spy agency GCHQ collected user data from tech companies such as Yahoo, Google and Facebook, the pressure for these big organizations to be more transparent in their dealings with the government have been put into spotlight.

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