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Philippine BPO Sector Still an Economic Constant

Concerns about the Philippines’ business process outsourcing (BPO) industry slowing down under the governance of political outsiders—the Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte and the US’ President-Elect Donald Trump—have been shrugged off by economic experts. During a macroeconomic briefing by First Metro Investment Corp. on January 5, 2017, Bernardo Villegas from the University of Asia and the Pacific said that Philippine BPO industry is still an “area of certainty” despite strained US-Philippine relations in late 2016, and recent pronouncements of President-Elect Trump on bringing jobs back to the United States.

How the Outsourcing Industry Disrupted the Philippine Middle Class

One of the Philippines’ major economic drivers is the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, which provides 1.3 million jobs and $25 billion in revenue. In 2017, the industry is expected to exceed remittances, the country’s traditional source of foreign exchange, with more foreign revenue. The World Bank estimates that by 2020 it could provide 2.6 million jobs and revenues of at least $50 million.

Why We Built Our Own Staff Management App

In the outsourcing industry, the success of managing an offshore team hinges heavily on transparency and constant communication between all stakeholders on both sides.

The lack of personal, physical interaction can seem daunting and may widen any gaps, creating bigger misunderstandings and conflicts, if there are no processes for remote supervision and communication.

Flat Planet, as the partner-of-choice for a wide range of mid-market businesses, understands this concern and endeavors to eliminate business and operational risks through its own custom built and recently revamped app, Flat Planet iNSIGHT. As well as our seven years of experience in managing hundreds of employees in the Philippines, and dozens and dozens of bespoke client engagements.

Head of Finance Always on the Grind

Eileen, the new leader of the Finance team of Flat Planet, just joined the company in January 2017. She has a degree in Accountancy, an MBA, and is also a CPA who has amassed more than a decade of experience in finance. Coming into Flat Planet, Eileen had sensible expectations about working in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organisation, and is glad to have gained a better view and appreciation of the industry.

How the Philippines Remains Attractive to Australian Investors

For years now, the Philippines has maintained its reputation as the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) capital of the world because of low labor costs and high quality labor force. The Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS), released its Policy Notes in January 2017 detailing why the country is a viable option for the growing Australian SME sector.

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