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How the Philippines Works

how philippine works

I watched a documentary with the kids about Earth’s first marine life. These huge things lived with hard exoskeletons. If their hard cases cracked, microbes got in and the giants died by being eaten alive. It reminded me of what it is like running a business in the Philippines. The rigid shell is all the regulation around business compliance, while the microbes are the various government agents.

Ethical Leadership to Attain Excellence and Professionalism


For any business organization that wants to hold itself apart from the rest, ethical leadership is very important. In the aftermath of the 2007 financial crisis in the United States partly caused by unethical and unsound business practices that sent shockwaves to the rest of the international financial community, it has become even more important that companies maintain ethical leadership practices.

The Makings of a Good Employer

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It is a well-established and universally accepted fact that companies that are known to be good employers retain their best talent longer and maximize their skills and productivity to the greatest gain of the company.



Marathon Runner During Weekends, Flat Planet Programmer 5 Days a Week

runner armel“Flat Planet is a good place to work for. I feel like I can grow here.”

Armel Mendoza, started working in Flat Planet only in December 2013 as a dot net developer. He has 16 years of experience working in different companies and projects dealing with computer technologies and programs.

According to Armel, he enjoys working in Flat Planet because the company promotes excellence and professionalism among its employees. “I like it that the company has strict policies on attendance and against tardiness as a way to cultivate discipline among its employees.” 

High Power Rates, Power Supply Problems Affect Investments in the Philippines

ElectricityThe Philippines’ high electricity rates have not only hurt ordinary consumers, but have also served as among the biggest barriers against investments in the country. Analysts say that what the Philippines needs the most is not more privatization and economic liberalization which have actually exacerbated rather than ameliorated the country's structural economic weaknesses since the 1990s. What the country needs is a stronger state that (a) can bust oligarchic collusion, and (b) protect the interest of the consumers and productive sectors of the economy. 


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