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Papal Visit to the Philippines

pope francisNext week, from January 15 to 19, Pope Francis will be in the Philippines. This is an enormous event and it will cause some disruption to all businesses operating here.The Philippines is a deeply religious country, and most of its people are Catholic. They really are deeply Catholic in a way that many foreigners would not recognize. For many Filipinos, the Pope is the actual representative of Christ here on Earth – I suppose they imagine he has an actual telephone to God, or maybe linked telepathically to Heaven as a ‘fourth leg’ to the Trinity?

Outsourcing CRM (Customer Relations Management) Solutions for Companies

flatplanet blog practical guide Ways to solve challenges faced by virtual teamsCan customer relationship management functions be outsourced? Sure they can! Outsourcing CRM means outsourcing functions that are part and parcel of the company’s customer relationship program to a specialized partner. This partner can and should be able to provide its clients with customer intelligence that they previously did not have. This customer intelligence may have to do with IT-related matters, digital marketing, email, chat and phone support, full-blown call center. Clients can then direct their in-house internal CRM teams to focus on aspects and operations that clients want to keep internal, such as  branding and marketing.

Get Involved in the Process of Hiring Virtual Employees

flatplanet blog practical guide Help employees deal with the impact of long daily commutesThere are many challenges that come with working with virtual employee who come from diverse countries and cultures.  Among these challenges include – beyond the cultural differences -- negotiating such employment basics as salary, schedule, and performance expectations. These challenges can be addressed systematically, and the first step is to define the mission and purpose of negotiations clearly from the onset. You would never, after all, work with someone you are not familiar with. There should be openness on both side and the willingness to meet each other half-way so that the best possible deal can be made, and work arrangements will be settled smoothly.

SEO Specialist Appreciates Work-Life Balance in Flat Planet

flatplanet blog a virtual experience SEO specialist appreciates work-life balance in Flat PlanetHershey Barnett is a SEO Specialist who has seven years of experience under her belt.  She started her career after college as a writer for one of the Philippines’ biggest media networks, and has experience working as a home-based SEO writer. By the time she joined Flat Planet, she had learned much from working with different clients based abroad, and became an expert when it came to campaigns and marketing strategies. “Mine is an exciting job; it keeps me on my toes. I have to read different websites and the articles they feature to determine how well they serve my client’s objectives.  I audit websites and links, and I also review strategies,” she explained. If a link or a URL structure needs tweaking to make it more Google-friendly, she does it herself; if it requires more specific changes, she makes recommendations to the client and has programmers to amend the links. 

Tholons 2015 Report Lists More Philippines Cities as Good BPO Destinations

flatplanet blog impact hireacomplianceofficerandalwaysmeetlegalrequirementsThe Philippine business process outsourcing industry continues to expand and improve its already glowing reputation in the international BPO community. According to a January 2, 2015 report in Business Mirror, three Philippine cities improved in ranking as a BPO destination. This, it was reported, was stated by the consultancy firm Tholons, Inc. Cebu and Manila, which remains in second place, are among the top 10 of the Tholons list of preferred outsourcing destinations worldwide. The others are mostly Indian cities, with Poland and China making up 9th and 10th.Established in 2006, the Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations reports is one the of the flagship projectsof Tholons Inc.  It is considered by many industry players as an authority when it comes to the ranking of outsourcing destinations.

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