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Increase Your Productivity for a Fraction of the Cost

productivity at a fraction

Flat Planet lost a client last week. Not the sort of thing you would normally write about in a blog and email out to all your other clients!

However, it got me thinking and I think there is an important lesson here for everyone considering using Filipino talent.

Flat Planet lost the account because, on the back of six months of careful monitoring and lots of spreadsheet work, it was found that the activity the workers were tasked with was just not economic.

Hire a Compliance Officer and Always Meet Legal Requirements

 flatplanet blog impact hireagooddeveloperDo companies really need a compliance officer?  Yes. He or she is an employee who ensures that the company complies with its outside regulatory requirements and internal policies.  This is a detail-oriented task that requires focus and constant monitoring. Primary among the tasks of a compliance officers is the review and establishment of standards for outside communications by requiring disclaimers in emails. They also examine facilities to ensure that these are accessible and safe.  In other cases, compliance officers may also design or update internal policies with the aim to lessen or mitigate the risks the company may face regarding laws and regulations, as well as lead internal audits of procedures. The main goal of a compliance officer is to ensure that the company complies with all laws and protect it from possible losses.

Ensure a Good Onboarding Process for New-Hires

flatplanet blog impact sevenstrategiesemployedbytrustworthycompaniesEven if a person has been working for over a decade, he can still experience new job jitters.  Any person starting a new job can experience worries and fears about their new employment. They have apprehensions about the new workplace, their new colleagues or teammates, and of course they wonder if they made the right decision joining the new company. The HR department should continue to offer support, give feedback and monitoring assistance for the first three to six months. This is especially crucial in the case of employees who take on high-pressure positions and tasks. According to Angie Zernzach, associate editor in an American compliance resource company, it is up to the human resources department to assure new employees that they made the right decision. What HR departments can do is to implement an organized onboarding program for new employees.

Always Pay Attention to the Small Details, This Music Lover Says

 DMH 7185Roselle V. Ramos, 34, has been working in Flat Planet for two years, and she has become an expert at her job as an accounts payable specialist.  A computer engineering graduate, Roselle is a quick learner and she likes to set daily goals for herself. “Every day I tell myself to perform well and to finish all the tasks I have lined up for me by my client. I make sure that I don’t miss details or make mistakes in my work so I double-check, and my teammates double-check my work. I also double-check their work, so we all make sure that nothing gets past us,” she says.Given that she’s been doing the same job for two years running, what does she do to keep from becoming bored? “Oh, I listen to music! I love music. I often have my earphones on, and I in my head, I sing along to what I’m hearing. Sometimes I get carried away and I end up singing out loud, hahaha!”, she says.

Bringing Down Crime Levels in the Philippines

600 hkqai0x0dajdymndqvnpijwljyzj7hka(Photo by EPA) Crime levels are among the secondary factors that foreign investors look into when considering which countries to invest in. Crime and violence are development issues. The high rates of both in the country have direct effects on human welfare as well as impact on economic growth and social development. Based on reports, the Philippine National Police (PNP) is doing its best to bring down levels of street crimes such as robbery, hold-ups and theft, particularly in Metro Manila and other highly urbanized areas. In the Philippines as in other developing countries, urbanization comes with many problems, and these are results of the relentless exodus of people from rural areas to the cities and urban centers.

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