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The Struggling Philippine Transportation Infrastructure

Each day in Manila, we witness the plight of the Filipino commuters. They are cramped in jeepneys and buses that travel at a snail’s pace as major highways are densely packed with public and private vehicles. And this is just on the way to work!

The Philippines is the second most populous country in Southeast Asia, and 50% of its 88 million population live in urban areas. Consequently, the transport sector also accounts for 36% of the country’s total carbon dioxide emissions from fuel combustion.

The Philippines and the Imminent Automation Shift

Automation has been a prominent buzzword in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines this past year, mostly because it has incited fear about job security, especially in the contact center workforce. But what does automation really mean and how will it affect the BPO industry and the Philippine economy?

Automation is the movement of utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and sophisticated systems to replace the human element in jobs that can be taken over by machines. 72% of the BPO workforce is composed of the “lower value” sector, which call center agents fall under. And while this threatens millions of jobs, industry experts are optimistic that there is an opportunity for more growth for the Philippines.

What to Ask When Interviewing Offshore Candidates

Offshoring can seem like a huge risk on the outset as it pushes you to cross unfamiliar territory. Offshoring and outsourcing is no longer just for large corporations and contact centers. It has become a more sophisticated global industry that also caters to small and medium enterprises. And since Australia’s economy rate has slowed down to 0.2%—its slowest in two years—it has been predicted that outsourcing and offshoring will be the biggest business trends in 2016, and something CEOs and CFOs will have to pay attention to.

Car Enthusiast Fulfills His Dreams at Work

Anyone who knows Mike knows that he’s the biggest car enthusiast. When you hear him talk about four-wheel drives and how specific car parts work, you realize his vast expanse of auto knowledge is more than just a hobby, but a passion. Mike Joined Flat Planet in June 2016 as a technical representative, and fortunately, his job aligns with his interests.

The Right Time to Offshore

More and more businesses are turning to offshoring to maintain optimum operations. Research from Macquarie Securities estimated that about four in every ten Australian companies have expanded offshore in the past few years, achieving significantly better earnings since, having a higher growth rate overseas than when the business remained home. Offshoring is no longer just for large corporations—with today’s advanced technology and highly competent global talent, it also benefits smaller companies. As this trend continues to flourish, maybe you’ve been thinking of offshoring some components of your business to a third party provider.

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