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Increase Your Productivity for a Fraction of the Cost

productivity at a fraction

Flat Planet lost a client last week. Not the sort of thing you would normally write about in a blog and email out to all your other clients!

However, it got me thinking and I think there is an important lesson here for everyone considering using Filipino talent.

Flat Planet lost the account because, on the back of six months of careful monitoring and lots of spreadsheet work, it was found that the activity the workers were tasked with was just not economic.

Get an Account Manager and Focus on Customer Retention and Growth

flatplanet blog practicalguide howtomakehiringprocessmoreeffectiveWhy do companies need account managers? This is because companies continue to focus on customer satisfaction to ensure their growth and expansion. Through the years, however, it has been found that to ensure customer retention and growth, more services that will address the needs of clients and cement client-company ties should be provided. What these services are depend on the services and products a company offers. Account management requires that account managers have an operational knowledge about what customers need, expect and value most when it comes to their patronage of various products and services.

Set Work Habits for Good Management of Virtual Employees

20140721---Practical-Guide Evan Duxbury wrote a post titled “8 Tips for Managing Virtual Employees” in and his tips are spot on! Many employers are apprehensive about hiring virtual employees because they think that working remotely with people is highly unreliable. In some cases it is, but if you hire a virtual employee from a company like Flat Planet, you can be sure that there are many guarantees that your virtual assistant or staff will not simply up and leave with your information. Once you have hired a virtual employee from a reputable and trustworthy company like Flat Planet, the next step is to manage them effectively. Duxbury gives eight practical tips that employers would do well to keep in mind and practice.

Web Publisher Does Art and Graphic Design on His Off Hours

DMH 6959Emmanuel Gascon, 27, works as a web publisher for one of Flat Planet’s clients. He’s been working in Flat Planet since September 2013 and he’s genuinely enjoying his job. “I work with a good team, and that makes all the difference. Everyone on my team is a go-getter, always hell-bent on doing the best job they can do, and we have fun while we do it,” he says. According to Emman, he likes his job because it’s interesting and he learns other things from doing it. “Each of us in the team contributes to the work, and in the process, we also learn and become familiar with the different web technologies we each use. “

Standardized Tests and Assessments Help Ensure Successful Recruitment

flatplanet blog impact sevenstrategiesemployedbytrustworthycompaniesDespite the steady growing need for employees in the BPO sector in the Philippines, the number of successful applications remain low compared to the demand.  Is there a process that helps ensure that the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines attracts the best talent? Yes there is, and more and more efforts are being done to increase the efficiency of the hiring process.The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) has launched efforts to implement government-funded near-hire remedial training as well as certification programs for potential applicants. It also provides volunteer teaching, and train-the-trainer orientation and certification schemes to enhance applicant employability. 

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