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Increase Your Productivity for a Fraction of the Cost

productivity at a fraction

Flat Planet lost a client last week. Not the sort of thing you would normally write about in a blog and email out to all your other clients!

However, it got me thinking and I think there is an important lesson here for everyone considering using Filipino talent.

Flat Planet lost the account because, on the back of six months of careful monitoring and lots of spreadsheet work, it was found that the activity the workers were tasked with was just not economic.

Seven Strategies Employed by Trustworthy Companies

Trustworthy Company Practices

What does a trustworthy company look like? This is a not an easy question to answer as different people implement different standards. If you are the owner of a company that wants to forge business ties with another, how can you tell if a potential partner is worth negotiating and doing business deals with?

Here are some tips adapted from the book "Crisis of Character—Building Corporate Reputation in the Age of Skepticism" by Peter Firestein. These are strategies that are used by trustworthy companies.

Get Bad Debts under Control and Outsource Accounts Receivable Duties

Outsource Accounts Receivable Duties

If you are a company that aims to grow and maximize your capital, you need to make decisions regarding which of their internal departments your company should focus on. Your decision on the matter relies on your potential cost considered against your profitability. Generally, operations such as sales and technology development are best handled in-house. This is because they are full-time functions that are very crucial to a company’s operations.

On the other hand, other functions that need financial resources, specialization and expertise but are not generally needed by companies full-time can be handled by outsourcing agencies. Some of these functions include advertising and collections.

She’s an Expert Executive Assistant who can whip up a Mean Lasagna

Jennifer Roxas

To hear her explain what her job entails, you would think that Jennifer Roxas, 36, would no longer have time to attend to her personal life. An executive assistant of the owner of a highly-successful Australian business, Jenny’s day starts by checking her boss’ schedule and making sure that his day is set. She determines which appointments or invitations are most important, and does follow-ups on them if needed. 

Opposing Corruption in the Philippines

Anti-Corruption Movements in the Philippines

Corruption in government is a very serious issue, and in the Philippines corruption issues hog the headlines on a regular basis and they are a perennial problem. Thankfully, there is also a strong anti-corruption movement in the Philippines as many people’s organizations and non-government groups as well as the private sector continue to actively denounce corruption in its various forms and demand reforms in the county’s political and economic system. The international community – including foreign investors and particularly ethical businesses – can rest assured that steps are being made to put an end to systemic corruption which is seen by many as a barrier against genuine progress and development.

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