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How Much to Pay a Filipino? [Part 2: Market Rates]

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We have previously discussed two methodologies for determining pay rates for Filipino workers. There were:

Today, we are going to look at market wage rates.

First, I am going to back-off with the ethical tone of the first two articles. This is just going to be a straight discussion about the labor market.

Maintaining Good Business Relationships with Clients


It is very hard for any business to consistently attract new clients. Maintaining long-term relationships with clients is even harder. Keeping clients happy is a painstaking and continuous process that every company has to undergo. Every business relationship has the potential to affect the business in the future, and how potential clients will view the company.

The minute you closed a deal with a client, you engage in a relationship that you hope will help the business in the long run and contribute to its growth. These business relationships do not stop after new accounts are opened; not even after the client’s project requirements are met. The business relationships we form should be maintained and taken care off to protect the credibility of your business.

E-commerce Systems Help Companies Increase Sales

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E-commerce was first introduced in 1991, and since then thousands of companies and small businesses have made maximum use of technology to build the global e-commerce industry. In this day and age, a product company that does not have the ability to sell via a website runs the risk of losing what is a potentially big market of customers.

By engaging in e-commerce, businesses reach a wider audience and increase their chances of securing higher sales figures while at the same time cut costs and increase efficiency. How? With an e-store, business can monitor their product inventory, process online payments, and offer customer support all in one go.


Why I Offshored Myself to the Philippines


 “Offshoring” is a loaded word and controversial topic. To some it means corporate greed gone rampant, lost jobs, destroyed industries, wider economic and societal problems. To others it means embracing a globalised economy, uniquely benefitting developing nations by giving them a real chance to rise out of poverty, redistributing the wealth of the world and lower priced goods and services, for a win-win situation.

Does Your Business Use a Typewriter? We do!


Entrepreneurship (or what I phrase as  “having a go”) seems to be increasingly popular. Having co-founded my own business, I am always happy to share my experience with others feeling the entrepreneurial itch. I caught up with some friends over the weekend who have aspirations of launching a start-up in the Philippines. To further develop their idea, they wanted to “pick my brain” given that we stepped off a plane to the Philippines five years ago, incorporated a business, and grew it from just myself and my business partner, to 140 staff. Their advice to-date was provided by local Filipinos so they wanted an expat or western perspective.

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