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  1. How does Flat Planet protect intellectual property?

    The following issues are key to intellectual property:

    • Creation: Flat Planet explicitly states that all work created by a virtual talent while performing your assigned tasks are taken to be your exclusive property.
    • Protection: Flat Planet takes reasonable measures to protect your intellectual property by preventing theft or breaches in confidentiality.

    Flat Planet maintains a highly secure work environment monitored by security personnel. Photo ID checkpoints, bag checks and floor-level swipe cards are some of our standard security measures for employees. We also secure data with workplace guidelines such as the “no mobile phone” rule, a paperless workplace, managed Internet connectivity, and an optional VPM (virtual private network)-only access—which means that your existing internal Internet access rules are applied to our workstations. We also have a Data Leak Protection (DLP) system designed to detect any potential breaches. It protects your data from being acquired by anyone other than people you’ve specifically assigned those information to.

  2. How do I communicate with my virtual talent?

    Flat Planet provides virtual staff with PCs and desk phones. You will be able to engage in a video conference with your virtual staff through Skype or other video conferencing options. The desk phone will have a local number that he or she may use to reach you and vice versa.

  3. Is there a minimum or maximum number of virtual talent members I can hire through Flat Planet?

    There is no minimum or maximum number of virtual talent team members you can hire through Flat Planet.

  4. Is Flat Planet only hiring virtual talent based in the Philippines?

    At the moment, Flat Planet is only hiring virtual talent based in the Philippines.

  5. How can I efficiently manage a virtual team?

    A key management skill for the future is the ability to manage remote teams. Our specialists will assist you and your personnel to learn and master this new critical skill. We will also support you in recruiting, training and equipping members of the team.

  6. How does Flat Planet make money?

    Flat Planet charges you a fixed monthly fee for your virtual talent team member. The actual monthly fee is negotiated in advance and is subject to the skills and experience you require. The fee bundles all costs such as wages, office space, computer and management. We are an employer of choice, so your virtual talent will enjoy benefits such as private health coverage and paid annual leave as well as certain industrial relations protections.

  7. How can my virtual talent securely deliver finished work?

    Your virtual talent only takes direction from you in relation to their day-to-day tasking. You need to tell them and direct them in this regard. In relation to security, we can talk about this. Many of our clients have virtual private networks (VPNs) set up to our office.

  8. What does hiring a virtual talent include?

    The cost of hiring Flat Planet and your virtual talent includes all expenses associated with employment, including compensation and benefits, insurance, taxes, and so on.

  9. How does Flat Planet train the virtual talent?

    Flat Planet provides your virtual talent with the right environment and training so that they can meet your specific needs. By the end of the training, they will be very familiar with the culture, expectations, and practices of your organization. A virtual talent will work only for you for 40 hours each week.

  10. What will Flat Planet provide my virtual talent?

    Flat Planet provides a virtual talent with the latest technology and an environment for success. He or she works in a modern, high-standard office environment in the center of Manila’s financial and business district, using a PC installed with Microsoft Office applications, business-grade broadband, and a host of productivity tools.

  11. Will the cultural barrier become a problem?

    Upon hiring, a virtual talent will be trained so that he or she becomes accustomed to working according to your culture, standards, and requirements. He or she will also learn about your business to understand how to add value and contribute to your bottom line goals.

    At all times, our offices have at least one expat executive on site who is available to assist if required.

  12. Why should I trust Flat Planet?

    You will be directly working with Flat Planet Pty. Ltd., which is based in Australia and has an agreement with Flat Planet Inc. (Philippines). The two companies have almost identical shareholdings, which is a deliberate strategy to eliminate legal risks associated with offshore outsourcing.

  13. What is the time difference between the Philippines and Australia?

    The Philippines is in the same time zone as Western Australia. However, Daylight Saving Time is not observed in the Philippines.

  14. What form of background check does a virtual talent typically undergo?

    Normal reference checking, skills testing under exam conditions (if required), police and medical checks.

  15. Will I be able to visit the Flat Planet office and personally meet my virtual talent?

    Yes—you are more than welcome. If planning a visit to the Philippines please allow our office to assist in your travel and accommodation requirements. We want to make sure you make good decisions so as to maximize your time here and have a pleasant stay.

  16. Does my virtual talent get a permanent workspace?


  17. Can I monitor my virtual talent for the entire workday (about 8 hours) on webcam?

    No.... well, in theory yes you can, the technology is in place. However, your virtual talent team members are people just like you and probably won’t want to be observed the entire time and will want to be empowered by you to just get on with their job. Remember, Flat Planet hires only experienced professionals, not young graduates.

  18. How do I pay Flat Planet and my virtual talent?

    You will be able to pay by credit card or funds transfer.

  19. What is the breakdown of costs?

    Flat Planet offers a single flat monthly fee.

  20. Can I contract a talent for less than a year? Or can I hire virtual staff on a per project basis?

    Unlike providers of online freelance services (for instance, Freelancer or oDesk), Flat Planet promotes a long-term relationship between a virtual talent and a client. We only accept full-time assignments for a minimum term of six months.

  21. Can Flat Planet train us on how to work with virtual talent?

    Engaging Flat Planet means being able to work with experienced and dedicated professionals. You can think of it as having staff in a branch office because our specialists will help manage your virtual talent or teams effectively.

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