Why Us

There’s a better way to grow.

It’s a brave new world and our boardrooms and offices are becoming virtual, ever evolving spaces. These new frontiers bring incredible opportunities for start-ups looking for an edge, major players eager to remain agile, and many businesses in between. And while international resourcing becomes increasingly popular, as with any bold pursuit, the potential for pitfalls for the under-prepared are plenty. That’s why when you’re ready to access the best talent Southeast Asia has to offer, you need the right team behind you.

Established in 2010 and operated by Australian Directors that live permanently in SEA, Flat Planet is a family-owned, Australian-operated firm. We’re driven by a passion to leverage the potential of this developing region and connect diverse talent to businesses of varied shapes and sizes – balancing economy and quality to produce real value.

Calculate the Benefits

Saving money does not mean you have to sacrifice on quality. You can actually access a bigger skilled talent pool.

Our transparent pricing model means you are in control of your talent’s salary over time for retention. You pay the same fees to us per employee per month, regardless of role, it is only the salary and benefits of the staff that varies. This also means you’re clear on what we get paid, and what the staff gets paid.  Generally, you can expect to pay about 33% of the fully-loaded cost of hiring in Australia or the US.  Why? Due to different regulations, cost of living and lowered support costs in the Philippines vs Australia and USA.

This includes their full time salary and benefits, health insurance, working to your office hours, your public holidays, as well as our wrap-around support services in Australia and the Philippines.

Payroll services

What you need, when you need it

If your business doesn’t currently require our comprehensive suite of services and you have found the right worker but have a limited understanding of the legal terms of engagement in your SEA region of operation, we can provide you with a robust legal framework to engage with individual staff, including: weekly payroll, full compliance with local laws, taxes, health cover, and a local point of contact. We’re proud of our proven record of continuity – and have never missed a payroll in over 10 years.

You can‘t know what you don’t know

Minimise reputational, financial, and legal risk and avoid costly mistakes that can potentially harm your operational outcomes, reputation or worse. Fines for improper conduct in these regions can come with hefty maximum penalties.

You can rely on Flat Planet’s long standing relationships with trusted local experts and our embedded team to remain up to date on all related legislation and navigate cultural expectations. We’re compliant, so you’re compliant.

Flat Planet operates within the law with a full audit trail available. We protect you so that you have a clean supply chain. Sleep easy – we do.

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