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Don’t have a marketing team? You can borrow ours.

For a flat-rate of $30 AUD* an hour, get a complete Marketing Department you can switch on and off — without the overheads! 

* or $25 USD 
* Strategy/consultancy may incur a different rate

Flexible. Reliable. Affordable.

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Working with On Demand has helped us improve our websites and digital marketing significantly! Their team has achieved tasks that we thought were not possible and there has been no task too big or small. We know our business is in safe hands when we have their marketing team working like our own.


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On Demand is your one-stop shop for a complete range of marketing and advertising solutions.

We have digital marketers, graphic designers, video editors, data profilers, SEO specialists, and web developers ready for your business.

Case Studies


Why It’s Good To Have Your Own Marketing Team

With tasks logged as they are performed, clients are able to monitor how much time it actually takes to do the said tasks, and they sometimes consider hiring a long-term staff under Flat Planet as well. Not only did On Demand became Flat Planet’s own marketing department, it also became a way for clients to try the Flat Planet brand of service first at a lesser cost to see if it will work for them.

Since its inception, On Demand has been providing Flat Planet its regular marketing collaterals, has been producing videos for marketing efforts, and has been continuously supporting the management in creating internal documentation for the benefit of the whole company.

Over the years, there has been some troubles wherein internal work for Flat Planet overshadowed tasks for other clients, and this was resolved by regularly meeting with the team and figuring out which tasks to prioritize, for both Flat Planet and other clients, and keep a project tracker to ensure that all deadlines are met and deliverables are sent accordingly.

Have Your Own On-Call Marketing Manager

Back when On Demand first started, we were able to help a client fulfill their marketing efforts by providing them a marketing manager in the form of the whole On Demand team. With each team member providing their services to complete the campaign, they were able to launch on schedule with a couple of other extras added, and once the campaign was done, the work stopped as well. This way, our client only paid for the hours worked rather than a fixed contract cost.

Recently, they reached out to us again and wanted our help for the same services. We’ve completed campaigns and tasks by using the same strategy as before and the client was able to send out more marketing collaterals without overpaying for the service.

The client has also referred new clients to us and has vouched for our reliability and efficiency.

Outsource your video editing needs while fully controlling the output

Connecting with the right people often brings you the solutions to your problems. One of our long-term clients connected with our Regional Sales Manager and they talked about how our client needed help with her business. She wanted to put out videos of her seminars and her online tips for the community and also needed a reliable graphic designer that she can regularly reach out to when she needs it. 

We found out that she was paying too much for her video editing to be done by various editors which made her videos lack consistency, which was not good for her branding. Years later, the team has helped her build her brand into what it is today and has set guidelines for brand consistency. She’s also able to put out great marketing materials online with the help of the team. 

Being with us for so long, the team has already established a good working relationship with her, and both parties are able to be flexible when working with one another. Expectations have also been set and met repeatedly that she ever-so-often refers some of her clients to us who also need the same services as her.

Better Web Dev & Digital Marketing at 1/3 the Price

Recently, we helped a small business owner in Queensland. He’s not a “techy guy” so he had been paying way too much for a website hosting and SEO package that actually did not result in any new business for him.

We gave him a cheaper solution. Our team arranged for his site migration — recovering his domain name, setting him up with an affordable but reliable hosting, rebuilding his website from scratch, and sorting out the basic SEO for his site health. Currently, we are building him a database of old clients and target prospects for a direct contact campaign.

Shifting to working with us saved him about $12,000 AUD this year. Plus, he now has access to all of his site’s login credentials, he’s not locked in with us, and he is in control. We just give him the expertise he needs when he needs it.

Answers to Your Questions

Why us?

Ultimately, you decide when you need us. Think of us as your on-call marketing department. You can hire us for a long-term project, or you can just get one of our services.

No thick contracts, no commitments, no retainers, less hassle.

How does it work?

Message ( marcia.davidson@flatplanet.com.au )  or call Marcia ( +61 468 606 634 ) with a list of the tasks you need and the outcome you want to achieve.

Say you have an upcoming event and need new leads to invite — we can gather those new prospects for you, set up your email invites, and help you promote the event online.

How can you save with On-Demand?
We are a pay-by-the-hour marketing service, which means you get complete control over the tasks you want done and the money you spend on us.

Contact Marcia for a quote.

What can you use On Demand for?
All of your marketing needs! We can create your marketing collaterals for print or online distribution, we can run some social media campaigns for you, we can edit your videos for online or internal use, we can get you new prospects, and so much more!

Check out our Services to see the full-list!

Let's Work Together!

It only takes 30 AUD* an hour to get you started.

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Head of On Demand Marketing Team
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