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Within the last decade, there’s been an increasing number of consumers that have shifted to online shopping. Online retail now accounts for a quarter of the total retail market — and it just keeps growing.

So how can you keep your customers happy in this digital age?
Successful online businesses get return business with an excellent online shopping experience.

To do that, they need people who:

  • Build and maintain their website and e-commerce platforms
  • Craft and upload promotional content (social media marketing, email marketing, etc.)
  • Fill and track their deliveries
  • Provide and maintain customer service relations

Now, we understand that the maths can be tricky. To keep your price point attractive while providing excellent customer experience, you will need to have an eye out for cost efficiencies.

Outsourcing can keep your cash flow in check while giving you access to high quality professionals keen to help your business grow and get an edge against competitors.

The Philippines has a large, well-educated, and English-speaking workforce. They support foreign businesses so well that 17% of the local economy comes from this industry.

There’s a reason so many companies around the world use teams in South East Asia to help their businesses succeed! And we can help you do so as well — just email our Regional Manager at

Here’s a few of Flat Planet’s high-value staff to tell you about how they help businesses get ahead in the Online Retail Industry:

▶ Volt

Tech Support

▶ Myka

Customer Service Representative

▶ Lou

Marketing Specialist

▶ Marco

Tech Support & Implementations Specialist