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For years, Sales and Marketing were separated into two distinct departments, one to drum up leads and one to close them.

Over-simplifications aside, you can break up both departments into tens if not hundreds of different tasks and roles.

Two of those tasks are data collection and lead validation.

Traditionally these tasks were simply fit into someone’s To-Do-List, where too often, they were not done at all or properly considered as less important when compared to ringing up a hot lead or creating a great campaign.

Most SME’s know how useful these jobs can be, but until now no one could afford to dedicate someone to specialize in Lead Qualification.

But in truth, how many more sales could you have been making? How many leads that were hot are now cold or even worse, with a competitor?

That’s why we created the Data Profiler and Teleprospector roles.

One to keep your data useful (therefore valuable) and the other to keep those maybe’s warm and those no’s far away from your Sales Team.

Before globalization these positions would never have been available to your business, it’s only through leveraging diverse economies and modern technology that we are able to increase the division of labor and skilled specialization.

Watch the video below for more information: