Why is sustainable business good business? | Flat Planet
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Surely you’ve heard the term sustainability being thrown around in your business meetings, dinner parties, and social circles. It’s become quite the buzzword lately, given the current state of the world and people clamoring for positive change.

But what does business sustainability really mean and why is it fundamental to success?

We believe that business sustainability represents resiliency over time.

Most businesses don’t fail because of numbers, they fail because somebody played fast and loose with the rules.

For almost a decade now, we have been responsibly running a stable and secure platform that helps our clients build businesses back in Australia, or here in the fastest-growing economic markets of Southeast Asia. By ensuring that we are doing things ethically and responsibly, we look out for the best interest of all our stakeholders – from our employees, to our partners, the environment, and the world at large.

Flat Planet’s CEO, Chris Moriarty, took time over the holidays to film “Get Down to Business”, casual conversations on topics that interest business owners like yourself. In this week’s episode, he talks about why business owners should look after the reputation, integrity, and compliance side of their businesses and how that can be done safely up here in Southeast Asia.