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“So much to do, so little time!”

Have you ever felt this way?

Running a business means managing all of your resources so you can increase your chances of success. From your cash flow, to your people, all of these cogs in the business are extremely important and valuable.

But there’s one resource that usually gets overlooked even if it’s the most valuable — time.

Think about it, we’re all given the same amount, and once you’ve spent it, there’s no getting it back no matter what you do! As someone at the helm of the ship, you cannot afford to waste it on the wrong things.

One way of making the most out of your time is by delegating more time-consuming and tedious work to a trusted assistant. This way, you can spend your time growing your business and making more money!

virtual assistant
Case in point: Jean here is a top-quality EA has has become indispensable for her Sydney-based webdev client. As with most startups, the CEO was doing too many things — from technical tasks, to managing clients, and even day-to-day admin work! Because of this, they constant had a massive backlog of work.

Getting Jean on board did not just help them stay on top of their reconciliations — they are now also making more money! By clearing up the CEO’s plate, he can now focus on business development and product innovation.

In Sydney, someone of Jean’s calibre would cost over $100K per annum, well beyond the company’s means. However, hiring with Flat Planet freed up their time and gave them the best staff at less than half that price. Now, they can’t afford NOT to have her around.

Most of our clients have never had virtual assistants before, but now they see the difference hiring one makes! Message us at judy.horan@flatplanet.com.au so we can help you find yours.