2020 | Flat Planet
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Arriving back to Manila from Sydney on Jan 1st, Chris and his family were pleased to escape the choking pollution of the bushfires.

Three days later, Taal Volcano erupted less than 60kms as the crow flies from Makati and everything was covered in volcanic ash while the teams had trouble getting to work.

Eruptions continued for a while into late January which was a terrible start to the year.

Then along came COVID-19. Who would have guessed?

Manila went into total lockdown, massive drama, huge effort, all businesses around the world in the same boat… so it is not really news what happened.

October 1, 2020 marks our 10th year in business.

2020 finishes as our best year ever after another 20% surge in growth during 2020.

But we are not really celebrating. For a start, we can’t as the general lockdown is continuing so groups are not allowed to gather. Secondly, we are quite sobered by what has happened this year.

In 2020, our thoughts are for all those other businesses, the restaurants, the resorts, the hotels, retailers, the gyms, the barbershops, and so many others that have not been as fortunate as us this year.

We hope to celebrate our 11th birthday with a huge party, but this year our thoughts are with all those others.