2011 | Flat Planet
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Chris flew to Manila on Jan 2 and started the first of dozens of three-week stints away from family as the business slowly came to life.

The original idea was to have two weeks on and two weeks off; but Chris and his then partner, David, realized it would not work – that to run a sustainable business in the Philippines required a full-time focus.

The decision to relocate Jenny and the kids was delayed for a while – with the family waiting in Sydney for the business to be a ‘going concern’ before fully relocating.

Flat Planet slowly grew, including a major sales win with a firm in Brisbane for a bunch of seats – HUGE! But the founder and CEO of that company had a heart attack and died at his desk, and we lost the deal.

Victoria joined the company as employee number 7 in May 2011 as a teleprospector. Today, Victoria is our Client Operations Manager having completed both an undergraduate degree and an MBA while with us.

By the end of 2011 Flat Planet had about 25 staff.