2012 | Flat Planet
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Financial Year 2012, ending June 30, was Flat Planet’s first full year of trading. We turned over just over half a million.

Biggest news of all, Jenny and the two kids, Bella and Will, aged just 8 and 5, relocated permanently to the Philippines in August which was a huge vote of confidence in the business.

March that year also saw the first regular pay cheque for the two partners, Chris and David.

We moved from several small offices in a serviced office centre to one large office with our own meeting rooms, door, reception, work area and pantry.

This is also the year of the Manila floods – the monsoon hit and it rained for 26 days in a row non-stop, including the first day where it rained more than 500mm in just one day.


Through the Business Process Outsourcing agency, we went out with the Philippine Army to visit some flooded areas to see how people were coping – and learnt more about Filipino resilience and patience.

 March 2012 saw the arrival of a new client Next Digital – a company that enjoyed so much success once established in Asia that they eventually relocated from Melbourne to Singapore and became a huge player renamed to Asia Pacific Digital. It was a very mutually beneficial relationship and by the time they set up independent operations in 2014, Flat Planet was securely established.

By the end of 2012 Flat Planet was about 70 staff.