Why It’s Good To Have Your Own Marketing Team | Flat Planet
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With tasks logged as they are performed, clients are able to monitor how much time it actually takes to do said tasks, and sometimes consider hiring a long-term staff under Flat Planet as well. Not only did On-Demand became Flat Planet’s own marketing department, it also became a way for clients to try the Flat Planet brand of service first at a lesser cost to see if it will work for them.

Since its inception, On-Demand has provided Flat Planet its regular marketing collaterals, produced videos for marketing efforts, and continuously support the management in creating internal documentation for the benefit of the whole company.

Over the years, there has been some troubles wherein internal work for Flat Planet overshadowed tasks for other clients, and this was resolved by regularly meeting with the team and figuring out which tasks to prioritize, for both Flat Planet and other clients, and keep a project tracker to ensure that all deadlines are met and deliverables sent accordingly.