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Connecting with the right people often brings you the solutions to your problems. One of our long-term clients connected with our Regional Sales Manager and they talked about how our client needed help with her business. She wanted to put out videos of her seminars and her online tips for the community and also needed a reliable graphic designer that she can regularly reach out to when she needs it. 

We found out that she was paying too much for her video editing to be done by various editors which made her videos lack consistency, which was not good for her branding. Years later, the team has helped her build her brand into what it is today and has set guidelines for brand consistency. She’s also able to put out great marketing materials online with the help of the team. 

Being with us for so long, the team has already established a good working relationship with her, and both parties are able to be flexible when working with one another. Expectations has also been set and met repeatedly that she ever-so-often refers some of her clients to us who also need the same services as her.