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Technical Level 2

Job Description

Purpose of the role

  • The Technical L2 Consultant will bethe technical interface to customers for resolution of escalations related to the use of the Client’s platform. In this capacity, your primary task will be to provide escalated support to customers who contact the Client’s support and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction while meeting guidelines. Day-to-day you will be working to resolve root causes with help from the Engineering Team for issues, while following best practices and meeting customer expectations. You will also be required to assistwith technical documentation where necessary

Role Responsibilities:

  • Listen to the needs of merchants and apply this knowledge to solve business and technical challenges and help drive merchant success.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in all Client’s products and service offerings.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in internal and external relationship building.
  • Resolve any customer technical issues through diligent research, reproduction, and troubleshooting.
  • Analyse logs and diagnose the root cause issues in Sumo Logic by running basic Ruby scripts in order to create Jira tickets for further Developer investigation.
  • Ability to empower endusers to support themselves using our product and Help Centre.
  • Take ownership of client issues by case managing complex issues and drive towards a successful outcome.
  • Tackle ad hoc assigned initiatives/projects as required.
  • Accurately document customer interactions in the tracking system and follow defined processes and workflows.
  • Work as part of a global team, interface with team members from other time zones and provide daily briefing and handovers.
  • Stay uptodate on client platform changes/new features.
  • Build and develop Merchant solutions and develop technical documentation.
  • Able to perform a clear investigation of mishandled interactions with actionable recommendations.
  • Basic understanding of how to pull reports and manipulate data in SQL, Excel/Google Sheets. Basic understanding of Ruby programming.


Strong analytical & problem solving skills, interpretation & presentation of data, attention to detail, team player, excellent written & verbal skills, flexible working hours (rotating weekend/on-call shifts), HTML, JavaScript/JQuery, Python, Ruby, JSON, SQL, API and web services.


  • Mandatory: Application Servers, ERP, WMS, PSA Tools
  • Desired: Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, NetSuite, Dear, Cin7 and TradeGecko, Ebay, CRM, JIRA, Zoho CRM and Zendesk.


  • Applicants should be amnable to work on weekends assignment if needed. There will be 2 days off in a week.
  • Good communication skills as support will be via email and phone

Adapting to the New Normal

Flat Planet was founded on the philosophy that the world offers equal opportunity to everyone, even in the midst of a crisis. Our top priority as of the moment is to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff, as we provide you with continuous service and support to ensure that your business survives this ordeal.

We are remaining fully operational and we have equipped almost 95% of our staff to be able to work-from-home until the threat to everyone’s lives is removed.

In the Philippines, the government has placed the whole of Luzon and some cities in Visayas and Mindanao under community quarantine until the end of April. The company has decided that our staff will continue to work from the safety of their homes until May 17, 2020, unless there’s a government directive in the Philippines for the extension of the community quarantine.

Now more than ever, we are reminded that we are all in this together. We have amazing teams across the company that can help you in either full-time or on-demand capacity. If you, or other businesses you know, need any assistance, just send us a message and we'd be glad to help.

We remain fully dedicated to providing you with the business solutions available. If you are a past or current client in need of immediate action to your concern, please do not hesitate to message our Account Support.


Staff Well-Being

Since its inception in 2010, Flat Planet has made it its mission to develop high-value, professional, and aspirational Filipino talent. To ensure the well-being of our staff, we have dedicated key members of our management team to check in with our staff members regularly. Watch the video below to learn more:

Free Printable Coronavirus Resources

No one can deny the effects coronavirus is having on the world at large. Businesses, small and large alike, are feeling its impact. Feel free to use the signs, posters, and social media posts we have prepared below for your workplace or personal use.

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Established in 2010, Flat Planet™ is a family-owned, Australian-operated firm run by Chris & Jenny Moriarty giving businesses safe, sustainable, and personalized way to access Southeast Asian talent and markets. We build, accommodate and manage teams of professionals on behalf of successful businesses from all over the world.

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