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Better business tips, industry insider news, exclusive company updates.


Better business tips, industry insider news, exclusive
company updates.

1st Quarter Updates from our Co-Founder & CEO

As a valued client of Flat Planet, I wanted to take the time to get in touch, thank you for your business, and talk a bit about all that’s new and upcoming from our end. This is my first update of the year so I’d like to let you in on all the exciting business changes we’ve made, and are making, this 2019.

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How to Find the Right Match for a Better Business

This Valentine’s week we’re taking a playful spin on hiring woes. But you and I know they’re not to be taken lightly. Finding the right — and the best — team for your business is vital to your success. Want to know how?

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What’s the most important part of doing business?

Best Team = Best Business Possible. Steve Jobs considered getting the best people the most important part of doing business. How about you? Best Business Possible. Catch the LAST installment of our CEO’s videos filmed specially for business owners like you!

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Why is sustainable business good business?

Surely you’ve heard the term sustainability being thrown around in your business meetings, dinner parties, and social circles. But what does business sustainability really mean and why is it fundamental to success?

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Explore pathways of opportunities to Asia

For the longest time, South East Asia has been viewed as just a place to outsource work to. This 2019, we are aiming to change the narrative. In this week’s Get Down to Business, Flat Planet’s CEO talks about how owners can explore the promising waters of Southeast Asia.

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Flat Planet Group welcomes Veteran I.T. Recruitment firm, Joe Riley & Associates to its fold

April 9, 2019


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Established in 2010, Flat Planet™ is a family-owned, Australian-operated firm run by Chris & Jenny Moriarty giving businesses safe, sustainable, and personalized way to access Southeast Asian talent and markets. We build, accommodate and manage teams of professionals on behalf of successful businesses from all over the world.

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