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Every business has a database. And we are certain that 9 of every 10 databases are out of date and no longer qualified to generate quality leads.

When you’re a Small to Medium business owner, you may not even be thinking of having a database that is regularly updated and maintained. The cost of having employees to only monitor your database is quite expensive if you’re just starting out, so you’d rather use those employees for other tasks to further generate sales.

But the one mistake you might be making is thinking that just because you have qualified sales people, you don’t need a quality database. Your sales people can do more work if they’re already contacting qualified leads.

The good news is, Flat Planet can provide you with your Qualified Lead Generator at less than what it would cost to hire someone locally. And you can have your Lead Generator do more than just update databases, they can also establish the relationship between your prospects for you and your sales team.

You can hire your own Data Profiler or Teleprospector through Flat Planet, and you can watch the video below to learn more.