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Real People. Real Talent. Real Results.

Grow your business by using the safe and simple Flat Planet™ pathway for you to access Southeast Asian talent and Southeast Asian markets.

Outsourcing is known as a great way to support your operations at home; but today it can also become a springboard for you to explore opportunities in the fastest growing markets on the planet. So now, there are two powerful reasons to build teams in this region of the world.

How do we help? We recruit, hire, accommodate and then manage professional teams on your behalf in Southeast Asia. We also take care of compliance with all local laws, removing complications, smoothing the way and giving you an easy-to-manage platform for your business growth.



Real value is found in that sweet spot where price and performance intersect.

We create value and deliver outcomes for your business by giving you access to great people and taking responsibility for ensuring that they perform and exhibit the professional behaviour you have the right to expect.

Operating out of a low-cost region that is replete with opportunity, and with access to employees that offer real value, Flat Planet is in a unique position to help you find a safe pathway to explore the great advantage Southeast Asia offers your business.

Real People

Great businesses are built by great teams. We give you a competitive edge and make it easy and affordable for you to have your own dedicated professional and high-value teams in our offices across Southeast Asia.

Sustainable Corporate Values

Our strong company values guide our philosophies and underpin the quality of our output. We understand the key to longevity, and sustainability is our reputation.

Invaluable Local Expertise

Established in 2010 and operated by Australian Directors that live permanently in Southeast Asia, we give you a safe pathway to engage with the current fastest growing economic region in the world.



Explore the variety of bespoke solutions we offer to add value to your business.

We Build Teams

We recruit, hire, accommodate, and manage teams on your behalf in either the Philippines, Vietnam or Malaysia. Your team can be as small as one or as big as 50.

Each team is entirely bespoke — the mix of talent and skills is customised to your exact requirements.

Your team can either focus on supporting your operations back home (outsourcing), work on growing your opportunities in Southeast Asia (branch office), or a mix of both.

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Compliance & Admin

Do you want your own stand-alone operation in the Philippines?

We have been operating for close to 10 years as a business in the Philippines and we have first-hand knowledge of the in and outs of local compliance and administration - as well as established processes for managing the inherent risks and complexity of this environment.

By partnering with us, we can help you navigate complexity and prosper if you choose to set up your own operation.

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Do you need someone to help you legally employ a great local staff member — but don't need the whole bespoke service Flat Planet offers?

We can provide you with the legal framework to hire your staff, including: weekly payroll, full compliance with local laws, taxes, health coverage, a local office for your team to call with issues, etc.

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On-Demand Marketing Services

Get turn key access to a complete team of digital marketing professionals, available to your business at a pay-by-the-hour standard fee.

A great way to access the broad range of skills required to build a digital marketing presence, the On-Demand team consists of graphic designers, Wordpress developers, Google gurus, social media experts, data profilers, content writers, a video production team with a studio, and most importantly, coordinators to organise it all for you.

The whole team works together in a well-equipped office, unified to get things done and uphold quality standards.

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Other Ventures

Explore the services of our other partner companies:

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With decades of combined experience in the industry, we are led by a well-seasoned professional team.

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About Flat Planet

Established in 2010, Flat Planet™ is a family-owned, Australian-operated firm run by Chris & Jenny Moriarty giving businesses safe, sustainable, and personalized way to access Southeast Asian talent and markets. We build, accommodate and manage teams of professionals on behalf of successful businesses from all over the world.

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