Why online freelancers cause headaches, and what to do about it 💡 | Flat Planet
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When most Australian entrepreneurs have a marketing idea, they look for someone from the global talent pool via online freelancer marketplaces. 

They like the flexibility compared to full-time staff, and the cost-efficiency compared to using a marketing agency.  

However, there are always recurring headaches, which we set out specifically to solve when we created the “On-Demand” marketing team over five years ago.

Freelancers On-Demand Marketing
  • Often work a full-time job on top
  • Only available during odd hours
  • Spend time seeking new clients
  • Client work is their full-time job
  • Are available during AU office hours
  • Specialists focused on client work
Freelancers On-Demand Marketing
  • Motivated to take extra time
  • May cut corners on fixed fee tasks
  • Salaried staff, paid with benefits
  • Not paid per hour or per project
  • Incentivised to create great work
Freelancers On-Demand Marketing
  • Individuals offering single service
  • Limited teamwork with others
  • Hard for you to coordinate
  • Staff sit together in a secure office
  • Collaborate and help each other
  • Single point of contact for you
Freelancers On-Demand Marketing
  • High turnover of freelancers
  • Constant hiring and explaining
  • No institutional knowledge build-up
  • Work with clients repeatedly
  • Learn your business and preferences
  • Share knowledge within the team, constantly upskilling
Freelancers On-Demand Marketing
  • Variance, re-negotiating, re-hiring
  • Hard to track output and value
  • Hard to ensure project deliverables
  • AUD25 per hour for all services
  • Invoiced monthly, weekly timesheets
  • Trusted Australian family business

Tap into the world-class talent of our Digital Marketing Specialist team based in the Philippines, on an hourly rate basis, with no minimum commitment, and use them to help you grow your business. 

Focus on your business growth & leverage on a team of marketing professionals.