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The Backbone of Any Business

Here in the office, we usually spend Mondays building our foundation for the rest of the week. And yesterday, that momentum came in the form of a client’s email:

“…& as a small business always working on-ground, we’re always just swamped with day-to-day tasks! We were already working weekends but still couldn’t get any focused time & energy to grow our market! It truly felt like we were hitting a wall & becoming stagnant. Since getting your team on board, We’ve had more time to actually grow our brand and making sure the quality of our work’s always up to par! Cheers, guys!”

A quick background for context: This Sydney-based client works with both local and international brands in a fast-paced industry. With never-ending client calls and on-ground activation all over the world, they had a hard time staying on top of their leads, closing deals, producing materials, and getting ready for their next cycle of projects all at the same time.

On-Demand Lead Generation Specialist Lenin
Enter our ever-trustworthy On-Demand Marketing data profiler, Lenin. With her help, our client was finally able to take back control over their sales & marketing efforts. Len took charge of looking for leads and staying on top of upcoming events even months in advance, so our client’s team was able to focus on maximizing all opportunities to close deals and generate sales.
We understand that in a small to medium business, data collection and lead validation may not always be on top of your priority list. Most SMEs know how useful these jobs can be, but until recently, not a lot could afford to get employees to focus solely on these tasks.

But in truth, how many more sales could you have been making?
How many leads that were hot are now cold, or even worse, are now with a competitor?

The good news is, Flat Planet can provide you with highly-skilled and dedicated Data Profilers who can build an extensive and qualified database for you at less than what it would cost to hire someone locally.

A list of hot leads means money in the bank. Message judy.horan@flatplanet.com.au so we can help you grow yours.