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Media Analyst

Media Analyst:

Job Responsibilities:

  • Clipping broadcast clips. Simple task that will involve getting an approximate time of a clip.
  • Find the start and end of the segment and save the clip into the system.
  • Listen to radio broadcasts to cross-check details related to the client.
  • Write a short summary of a longer broadcast
  • Special client reporting
  • Other adhoc tasks

Job Requirements:

  • Has exposure in news writing
  • Must be a graduate of Journalism or Broadcasting
  • Well-organized, has an interest/understanding of news and politics
  • Capable of learning significant people in NSW government.
  • Be able to write a short summary of a longer broadcast.

Perks and Benefits:

  • Competitive Salary – We offer competitive packages that goes beyond the normal Philippine Pay Scale
  • Foster professional and personal learning + growth – work with people from different cultures and countries to allow yourself to learn outside of your comfort zone
  • Work Schedule and setup – Temporarily Work from Home, Dayshift
  • Client – Australian



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