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Senior Accounts Payable Analyst

• Communicating with vendors to ensure that invoices are accurate and compliant with company guidelines
• Matching purchase orders to invoices to ensure that all transactions are recorded correctly
• Reviewing purchase orders and invoices for accuracy and documentation requirements
• Determining which invoices should be paid first based on which vendors have the greatest leverage in negotiation
• Coordinating with accounting staff to ensure that payments are processed correctly
• When required, providing mentorship and learning development to Accounts Payable Associates
• Main driver of escalation resolution within Accounts Payable Services (APS)
• Managing a variety of Accounts Payable responsibilities including assisting the general accounting group with payment reconciliation follow-ups other inquiries from internal and external customers
• Dealing with Accounts Payable queries as they arise in a timely manner
• Providing accurate and effective documentation relative to the accounts payable function in
accordance to record retention policies and laws
• Assisting with miscellaneous projects as required by the Accounting Manager or Chief Financial
• Periodically reviewing, tracking and reporting the performance of Accounts Payable team with
external bench marking, simplify the processes and improve team’s performance.

Communication: Communication is another skill that can help you advance in your career as a Senior Accounts Payable Process Analyst. You may be responsible for communicating with vendors, suppliers and other members of your team. Having strong communication skills can help you convey information clearly and answer questions effectively.

Organization: As a Senior Accounts Payable Process Analyst, you should be able to maintain a high level of organization in your work. This includes keeping track of invoices, payments and other financial documents. Having strong organizational skills can help you keep track of all the information you need to do your job well.

Attention to detail: Attention to detail is a crucial skill for a Senior Accounts Payable Process Analyst. This role requires you to ensure all invoices are processed correctly and paid in a timely manner. You may also be responsible for reviewing invoices to ensure the company isn’t overpaying for goods or services. Having a strong attention to detail can help you ensure invoices are processed correctly and paid in a timely manner.

Financial knowledge: Financial knowledge is a crucial skill for Senior Accounts Payable Process Analyst. This role requires you to understand the company’s budget and how to manage the company’s finances. You can use your financial knowledge to ensure the company pays its suppliers on time and doesn’t overspend. You can also use your financial knowledge to help the company save money by negotiating with suppliers and
finding the best prices

• Experience in using D356 for Finance and Operations, preferably with ExFlow AP Automation

Leadership: A company’s accounts payable department is typically made up of several people, so leadership skills are important for a Senior Accounts Payable Process Analyst to have. You can use your leadership skills to motivate your team, help them develop their skills and grow in their careers. You can also use leadership skills to help your team work together to meet their goals and overcome challenges.