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Inventory Data Specialist

We are looking for an Inventory Data Specialist to oversee and manage the business’s inventory and production related administrative tasks.

Job Role/Summary:
• Database Management – Inventory Management System (IMS):
− responsible for the set-up and maintenance of Product Data (SKUs, BOM’s and Product Configurations, etc.) and ensuring the accuracy of the data in Core
− responsible for the set-up and maintenance of Customer list and Supplier list and ensuring the accuracy of the data in Core
− design or modify custom document templates for purchases, sales, and warehouse processes in Core

• Process Management – Inventory Management System (IMS):
− Processing of supplier invoices, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of bills syncing from Core to Xero.
− Verification of the accuracy and completeness of the customer invoices ensuring the amounts are matching between the systems, Core and Xero
− maintain accurate records of inventory levels and values
− tracking inventory movements such as receipts, shipments, and adjustments
− reconciling inventory counts with recorded inventory levels to identify discrepancies and take appropriate corrective actions in the accounting platform

• Administrative Tasks & Process Improvement− monitoring the shared inboxes
− sorting, actioning or delegating emails to team members so we are on top of our communications
− liaising with business owners about important emails and communications
− liaising with international warehouse/3PL providers and manufacturers
− Collaborate with the purchasing and warehouse departments to monitor incoming inventory for proper classification and valuation
− Helps maintain organized documentation of inventory transactions, adjustments, and reconciliations for audit and compliance purposes
− Utilizing inventory management software and accounting systems proficiently to record transactions, generate reports, and analyze data
− document and refine internal data workflows and procedures to improve efficiency and compliance

Skills, Knowledge & Experience:

• Technical Skills:
− experience in Product & Inventory management is a must
− knowledgeable in doing bank reconciliations
− understands basic Australian accounting
− advance proficiency in MS Excel, MS Word and Google sheets is a must

• Analytical Skills:
− advance analytical skills in data analysis and problem solving around database environment
− attention to details and a strong understanding of accounting principles and inventory management practic