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The Vietnamese people have embarked on an ambitions programme to put themselves at the forefront of the IT skills market in Southeast Asia – and it is paying dividends.

For many years the Vietnamese government has invested in skills training, and those skilled IT developers are now in the market looking for work opportunities.

If your business has need for IT developers, why not explore the skills available in Vietnam.

Flat Planet has commenced operations in Ho Chi Minh City and we are very willing to work with you to test the market.

Send us your job description and let us see if we can find the talent you require.

Then, we hire that talent on proper fully-compliant contracts in Vietnam and house them in fully equipped and managed offices and make that talent available to you, for you to manage tasking and workflow according to your own projects.

You can have a team up and running in Vietnam in a few weeks!

Maybe with a team in HCMC you will have a great excuse to visit and do some training; (and go on a night-time street food tour while you are here!)

Learn more in this 4-minute watch:

Interested? Message our Regional Sales Manager at, and we’ll help you explore options for your business.