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Last week, we introduced our newest outpost in Vietnam; where we build, manage, and house for you teams of IT developers, among others.

Fact is, regardless of industry, businesses nowadays all need some form of IT support to keep up — and stand out — in this digital age.

But we understand that businesses have different needs & budgets so this week, we’re talking about the various IT solutions that can help your business grow without breaking the bank.

Which one best describes your business now?

  1. “We want a focused and dedicated IT team.” 
    Filling up IT roles usually prove challenging due to the scarcity of affordable yet qualified talent. But over in Vietnam, there’s a growing workforce of skilled IT developers looking for opportunities. Why not explore these resources?
  2. “We already have an IT team, but we need more hands on deck.” 
    Providing your existing team with additional support frees them up to take care of key high-priority projects while making sure that other tasks are still being attended to.
  3. “We need additional expertise on certain skill sets.” 
    The world of IT keeps evolving by the minute, making it impossible for your team to learn every advanced capabilities without investing a lot of time and effort. By hiring IT specialists, you expand your team’s collective skill set, while managing your resources.
  4. “We need to reduce security risks for our business.” 
    One of the main applications of IT that crosses industries is security. The gains from having a team looking out for your business far outweigh the costs when you think of all the sales, data, and credibility that you lose from security breaches.
    There are a lot of rewards to be gained from outsourcing your IT as long as you’re partnering up with a trusted and proven firm. With Flat Planet, you’re sure to get the best security, support, and IT expertise you can afford.

Got you thinking?

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