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We’re in the last 3 months of the year… How do you plan on living it?

In this day & age, when we are bombarded by distressing global news left & right, it’s understandably easy to get stuck in a negative thought loop. In times like this, all the more we need to recognize that obstacles can also be seen as stepping stones for success! In both business & life, we can change our reality & direct our future by simply shifting our focus from our worries to our goals and dreams.

Is the world’s biggest problem a lack of imagination? Our thinking is too rigid. It is too captured by the past and by old outdated accepted norms. There is an incredible future waiting for anybody who wants to pick it up.

Something every successful person knows: the world changes when we change our perspective. This week, Flat Planet CEO & Founder Chis Moriarty shares how taking on this entrepreneurial mindset can help you leverage the opportunities this modern world’s offering us.

Hear more of Chris’ thoughts in our video.

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