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Did you know that in South East Asia an average salary is $16.50 AUD a day?

When I came to the Philippines from Australia in 2014, this is what I earned in my first job, it was night shift for an American call centre.
Yet on $2.40 an hour I paid the rent and supported my Fiancée while she looked for work.
For sure we weren’t living it up, things were tight but we were both fed, housed, and had our independence.
I knew that the only way we could afford a Visa, a plane ticket and enough for one month rent in Australia and maintain our independence, was to work harder than I have ever worked before.

Did you know that the minimum wage in Australia is $18.93 an hour?

In Australia, I know guys my age with a great education who are content with the earnings of forklift drivers, cooks, cleaners, grocery clerks and yet earn more than twice as much as the Director of a hospital ($54 a day)

Did you know that every single person you hire through Flat Planet can speak Two Languages?

I’ve lived here for over 4 years and still get around with only English, it still amazes me how intelligent and eager some people here are to learn.
The work ethic of the new middle class is something to be admired and every year more of these hardworking men and women enter the workplace to pursue a better life.

Did you know that through Flat Planet, you are doing far more than saving 50% on hiring new staff?

Flat Planet is not the kind of company that will save you 80%, there are enough of those already, Flat Planet is the kind of company that will save you in turnover, problems and complaints.
For me, Flat Planet was a major improvement over the call centre, I was paid based on the value I produced, it actually mattered if I did a good job and in proving myself, well, that made everything else possible.

Did you know that you have the power to change lives?