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Are you thinking to hire a virtual assistant?

With the advancements in technology, the world seems like shrinking day-by-day. A business operating from Australia can hire a virtual assistant from Southeast Asia. In fact, from a small business to a big enterprise, getting a virtual assistant is now a demand of the hour.

Why does an entrepreneur need to hire a virtual assistant?

People often confuse between a solopreneur and an entrepreneur. A solopreneur is a one-man army who does everything in his business. He might be the owner of the business but he is not an entrepreneur. On the other hand, an entrepreneur is one who hires and leads the team of people. The basic difference between the two is the shift from “do the work” to “get the work from others”.  

An entrepreneur needs people to do various works in the business. There are two ways to get skilled people for work. Either he can hire locals or he can look for skilled people dotted all over the world.

When you change from working in the business to working on the business, you need people in your team. These people help you share the workload. Also, you get enough time to focus on the strategic planning of your business. Virtual assistants are your helpers in the business that help you with their skills.

What are the benefits of hiring one?

The business has hundreds of works that need many people. It is not possible for a single person to handle every job. A virtual assistant handles the admin job from a remote place. It has a plethora of benefits under its arcade. Here is the list of a few significant benefits of hiring a virtual assistant.

1. A virtual assistant saves your office space.

If you are a small business enterprise (SME), office space must be a hazard. A virtual assistant works from home so it does not need your office space. This way you can build your team and save money from the office space. Furthermore, you can invest this money for other important needs of your business.

2. Hiring a virtual assistant is affordable.

Usually, virtual assistants work from remote places. You might work from Australia and your assistant is sitting in Malaysia. These assistants work as an independent contractor. Often, in many countries, the pay per hour rate is lower than the hourly rate in Australia.

Even you hire a virtual assistant at a high pay rate; you are still saving a lot. The cost of office facilities and the mandatory benefits that a regular employee takes, are all the savings of hiring a virtual assistant.

3. You get the world’s best talents under your podium.

The internet has enabled the concept of a flat planet. Now, you need not depend on the local talents available in your vicinity. You can hire the best of the world’s skilled person at the most affordable rates.

4. Focus on your expertise field.

Imagine a software developer handling the admin work in his office because of the short of staff. When will he get time to provide the services to his client? While, after a virtual assistant, you can focus on your expertise field and enhance productivity. You need not spend the valuable time to works that a virtual assistant can easily handle.

Types of Virtual Assistants

This is a tricky situation. Before hiring a one, you need to understand the need of a virtual assistant. Technically, there are the following two types of virtual assistants:

  1. Virtual Assistant for general admin work: One who does the general admin work as in handling the appointment and coordinating with the other employees. These are the people who can do daily business work easily. However, they cannot help you grow your business but can help you in the smooth functioning of the work.
  2. Skilled Virtual Assistant: The skilled assistants are people with set skills and expertise. They help in business functioning and become part of business growth.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

If you think, hiring a Virtual Assistant is a bed of roses, you are perhaps daydreaming. Before deciding to hire a virtual assistant, you need to create a framework for the same. If you are seeking an assistant, outsourcing is a good idea. However, make a list of tasks that the VA has to do. When you are sure about the task for which you need a virtual assistant, you can advertise on the many platforms.

  • Social media: It is the most affluent source of recruiting a VA. You can advertise on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and even on Instagram. You can easily hire someone from the Philippines or Vietnam while sitting at your home.
  • Online business marketplace: Now, several recruiters’ websites like Freelancer or Upwork operate as a bridge. Here you can get the skilled virtual assistant at most affordable rates.
  • Directly through your website: If you have a website that showcases your business, you can talk there about the vacancy of a virtual assistant. 


Bottom Line:

Hiring a virtual assistant is always helpful for SME. Sometimes you cannot do some tasks because of the time constraints. Sometimes you do not have the skill to do a task. As a result, most times, a virtual assistant becomes your gateway to ease out the business responsibilities.