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Every business has a database.
You may be using it for your suppliers, your contacts, and even your prospects.

But here’s the thing — 9 out of every 10 database are outdated and no longer qualified to generate quality leads.

When you’re a small to medium business owner, data collection and lead validation may not always be on top of your priority list. Most SMEs know how useful these jobs can be, but until recently, not a lot could afford getting employees to focus solely on these tasks.

But in truth, how many more sales could you have been making?
How many leads that were hot are now cold, or even worse, are now with a competitor?

That’s why we created the Data Profiler and Teleprospector roles.

One to keep your data useful (therefore valuable), and the other to turn and keep leads warm for your sales team.

Until recently, these positions would never have been available to your business.

But the good news is, Flat Planet can provide you with highly-skilled and dedicated Data Profilers and Teleprospectors at less than what it would cost to hire someone locally.
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