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It’s not what you say — it’s how you say it.

Which one of these two can move you enough to act:

“Click to visit our website” vs. “Build a better business with us here”

Eye-catching graphics on your business’ social media channels is all good for building interest and awareness. But if you truly want to convert and sell, then you need equally good and actionable copy.

Copywriting is one of the most overlooked elements of marketing.
Most SMEs tend to look at this last, but good copywriting dictates the success of your content.

Want someone to make a purchase, subscribe to your channel, or schedule a call?
Regardless of the content format — from sales ads, to direct mailers, and even to video scripts — effective copywriting is the key to make people take action.

Want to learn more about how good copywriting can help your business?

Flat Planet’s On-Demand Marketing team has experienced copywriters and social media managers that can look after your brand’s voice, tone, and conversion rates online.

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