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Many business owners find their growth and aspirations limited by bottlenecks.

 Whether it is a lack of marketing and lead generation preventing more sales, a lack of customer service and fulfillment capacity to keep promised turnaround times as you expand, clunky IT systems with no one to connect and manage them, or even a messy and out-of-date set of accounts hiding your true financial position.

 While some people might look for an online freelancer to solve these exact pain points, below we cover the ways you can receive all the benefits of an online freelancer, without the risks and problems.

Freelancers Flat Planet
  • Working a full-time job on top
  • Available during odd hours
  • Spend time seeking new clients
  • Work for only you, full-time
  • Work your exact office hours
  • Specialists focused on your work
Freelancers Flat Planet
  • Motivated to take extra time
  • May cut corners on fixed fee tasks
  • Staff are salaried, paid with benefits
  • Not paid per hour or per project
  • Incentivised to create quality work
Freelancers Flat Planet
  • Individuals offering single service
  • Limited teamwork possible
  • Hard for you to coordinate
  • Staff sit together in a secure office
  • Collaborate and help each other
  • Direct contact + Account Manager
Freelancers Flat Planet
  • High turnover of freelancers
  • Constant hiring and explaining
  • No institutional knowledge build-up
  • Attract and retain talented staff
  • Learn your business and preferences
Freelancers Flat Planet
  • Unpredictable quality, often sub-contracted
  • Not a secure IT environment
  • Cannot retain the best talent
  • Operations + Account Management Support
  • Australian + Philippines On-The-Ground Support
  • Strict background screening and assessments
Freelancers Flat Planet
  • Variance, re-negotiating, re-hiring
  • Hard to track output and value
  • Hard to ensure project deliverables
  • Transparent pricing and salary
  • Invoiced monthly, custom dashboards and KPIs
  • Transact directly with an Australian family business

For more than 10 years, we at Flat Planet have been helping businesses like yours get world-class, high-value talent from the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia.


Getting the right help that fits your needs, timeline, and budget is critical for your business growth.

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