Australian Virtual Talent Company Flat Planet Celebrates Five Years | Flat Planet
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Flat Planet celebrated its fifth anniversary this November 27. Five years ago, Flat Planet CEO Chris Moriarty and Co-Founder and Managing Director Barlow took a massive leap of faith and established the company in Ayala Avenue, Makati.

“We thank everyone who has been part of our journey,” said Chris, emphasising how it was the combined effort of all the employees, the management team, clients and vendors that have enabled the business to grow and thrive.

“From the get go we wanted to be a provider of the best virtual talent the Philippines has to offer. We wanted to create valuable employment opportunities for many educated, English-speaking and highlyskilled Filipinos on the one hand, and on the other give our clients who are based overseas access to the best of what the Philippine job market has to offer,” said Chris.

Chris shared some of his memories from Flat Planet’s early days – back when the entire Flat Planet office was smaller than their current lobby, with just a few staff. “In the beginning people kept giving me advice on what to do, how to treat the staff, what not to do. I am glad that I didn’t take any of the advice I was given. We charted our own course and built our own culture. Our culture is not established around microcontrol of people; it’s based on mutual respect. We respect each other, work hard, and always do the best we can,” he said.

Expressing his gratitude to the staff for what he said that their “consistent, excellent work,” he also said that Flat Planet still has several clients that have been with the company since the beginning. “I’m thrilled that we have reached our fifth year and I’m looking forward to our 10th anniversary,” he said. He also noted that early next year there would be a handful of staff who will reach the five year mark with the company, an achievement bigger than the company’s five year anniversary.

In Australia, David Barlow said that he was very proud of the team. “Most of the work we win comes of the back of the hard work delivered by the team, through word of mouth and referrals. Flat Planet’s most important assets are its very talented and highly professional staff – I am proud of our people and what we have all achieved in the last five years. I am certain we will achieve more goals and mark more milestones in the coming years.”

Regarding the company culture, he described how it “…creates an environment that is very conducive to success: the offshore teams we build for clients have all the ingredients they need to perform excellent work. Many clients who visit our office say they would like to ‘bottle some of our culture and take it back to their
offices in Australia’.”

In conclusion, Chris said that Flat Planet can only continue to be successful. “Our journey is still in its beginning stages, and we look forward to creating more opportunities for more Filipino professionals and for our clients who rely on our professionalism and hard work.”