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Have you thought about how you’re going to break into the lucrative Chinese Market?

If you’re serious about diversifying your client portfolio and reaching into Asia, you might have considered studying Mandarin or even hiring a savvy dual-lingual account manager.

But even if you do both of these, the high price of your time is limited, you and your team simply cannot afford to make the necessary calls to reach all of your potential customers.

You have to utilize everyone to the best of their abilities.

That’s where a Multi-lingual Data Profiler comes in, they do the heavy prospecting in China, Japan, APAC and Europe so that you can focus on your business strategy, managing relationships and closing deals.

In our interview with Dianna, you’ll see just what one of our a Mandarin-speaking data profilers is like so that you can determine if High-Value South East Asian talent is right for you.

We hope this informative video helped you along the journey towards living in a Flat Planet — a world where Equal Opportunity allows the best person for the job to get the job, no matter where they live.