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Running a business means managing all of your resources – time included. And as someone at the helm of the ship, you cannot afford to waste it on tedious tasks you can assign to someone else.

When it comes to work, no matter how committed, hardworking, and hands on you may be, at some point you’ll need an extra set of hands. Getting the right help that fits your needs, timeline, and budget is critical for your business growth.

Make time for work that matters.
By simply freeing up some bandwidth and head space for yourself, you’ll be able to focus on growing your business and making more money!

Taking the guesswork out of choosing the team that’ll get you the most for your requirements will only take you 2 minutes. In the video below, we discuss the WHYs, WHATs, and HOWs of doing so.

When should I hire?
  1. When the load is getting too much for you to handle
  2. When you don’t have the skillset and experience you need?
What should I consider?
1) business needs 2) working timeline 3) hiring budget
Who do I get?
Full-time Staff On-Demand Support
  • consistent productivity
  • stronger loyalty & focus
  • long-term engagement for a key competency of your business
  • urgent support
  • specialized skills
  • trying out something new>
  • extra hands on a per project basis

How do I begin?

Here at Flat Planet, we can provide you with high-quality staff that meet your specific requirements, and we can even manage and accommodate them in our offices across Southeast Asia.

If you’re not ready to commit, why not try our On-Demand Team which you can hire to work on specific projects on an hourly basis. This can help you assess how you can efficiently outsource the roles that you want to fill.

Still got questions or reservations? We can help you explore the different options available for your business needs. Some people become more successful simply because they use their time better than others. Message us at and we’ll help you work out the solution that gives you the best value for your time and money.