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A Message from Chris Moriarty

From one SME owner to another, happy new financial year 2020! Hope you’re all done with your books and all set to start another business cycle.

Have you also been seeing all these depressing stories about the state of businesses and economies all over the world?

Fact is, despite all of these news, SMEs are incredibly optimistic and resilient.
This is something we at Flat Planet believe and support so we wanted to give you 5 reasons SMEs should stay positive this year:


The game has changed. While larger players are busy holding onto their share of the market, disruption has placed SMEs in the position to take advantage of all the the abundant opportunities available.


SMEs are agile by nature. And in this particular time in the economic cycle, agility is the key to navigating rough waters and figuring out the best next steps for business success.


With resilience, anyone who owns or runs a small to medium business can survive any tough decisions that the position asks for.


Everyone in my network working for larger corporations are heavily distracted at the moment. For example, the whole Australian banking industry is completely distracted by new compliance issues being raised by the World Commission. Point being, with the bigger players distracted, the field is left wide open for SMEs.


“A dream is the embryo of the future.” and you know this, SME owners are people who live by and follow their dreams! By simply staying on track in pursuing them, we are helping build and own the future.

Despite all the challenges you might have faced last year, we believe that the future is bright for the world’s SMEs.

Should you need any extra pair of hands or team to run your business while you change the world, just send us at message at judy.horan@flatplanet.com.au.