1st Quarter Updates from our Co-Founder & CEO | Flat Planet
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Hi, how are you doing?

As a valued client of Flat Planet, I wanted to take the time to get in touch, thank you for your business, and talk a bit about all that’s new and upcoming from our end. This is my first update of the year so I’d like to let you in on all the exciting business changes we’ve made, and are making, this 2019.

A cracking start to the year
We’ve definitely gotten the year off on the right foot with the work we’re putting into progressive changes for the business from office spaces and new IT systems, to new infrastructures and other resources.​​

Our new digital home is up!
Our newly-redesigned website is now on soft launch — simple, dynamic, and professional. Just like Flat Planet! It’s an absolute cracker! But more than anything, I’m particularly proud that it was all done in-house by our Flat Planet On-Demand team — from designing, to writing, and coding.

Have a look & tell us what you think! We’ve made significant changes so you may encounter some digital hiccups especially if you’re viewing it on mobile. We’re updating it more to give you a better viewing experience but we’d really love to hear your feedback.

Your safe & simple pathway to access Southeast Asian talents and markets
In addition to our main office in the Philippines, we are also expanding our operations to Vietnam and Malaysia this 2019. In fact, we’ve just recently hired our first staff in Ho Chi Minh!

There are some real opportunities we see up here, and so we’ve now made it our mission to be your cost-effective beachhead to Asia. Need staff to support your operations back home, or looking to expand your business to Asia? We can help you every step of the way — from looking out for your compliance, to building teams who will open doors to more business opportunities. We’d love to be the partner that helps you achieve business success, whether back home or up here.

Fancy a visit? Our doors are always open for you.
We love having visitors so come spend some face time with your team, and enjoy the Philippine summer with us! Towards the end of March would be good, as we are sponsoring the Fiji rugby team once again for the Manila 10s tournament. It’s a real highlight for us to spend a weekend just chilling with the rugby crowd, and possibly with you as well.

It would be really good to have your company here sometime this year so we can chat a bit in person, but ’til then, I’ll talk to you with more updates next quarter.