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Three Key Reasons


Flat Planet manages the risks and uncertainties of dealing with the global talent market. At the same time, it delivers all the benefits in terms of access to talent and lower costs.

Flat Planet offers a unique blend of services to the market that we believe you will find compelling.

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“If you are going to do a job, do it properly”

Flat Planet requires lower cost than onshore talent but never compromises quality of service and professionalism. We pay our people a professional and competitive salary with attractive benefits and bonuses as we only expect the best and quality performance. We aim to be the employer-of-choice for offshore talent by investing in our people.

It is also about experience—this is the very exciting aspect of using offshore talent!

By using Philippine professional talent, you can afford to hire very experienced and highly skilled talent that you otherwise could not afford to bring into your business. For example, rather than hire a junior bookkeeper with your accounts team, why not hire a fully qualified accountant with 10 years of experience working for Ernst & Young that can also assist in developing your internal management reporting functions?


Instead of hiring a social media search engine blogger who is a young graduate with a basic communications degree you can hire a subject matter expert with genuine and deep knowledge in your field.

Our Mission, Vision and Values clearly state that Flat Planet believes any talent with the right education and required tools is equal to any other talent regardless of geographical location. We want you to work with us because YOU believe our people are the equal of any other people, in any other place.

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This is important. By working with Flat Planet, you mitigate several types of risks: legal risk, commercial risk, and cultural risk.

Legal Risk (including intellectual property)
Flat Planet Pty Ltd. is an Australian company operating under Australian corporate law. We assure our clients of full and quality service. Headquartered in Sydney, Flat Planet Pty Ltd. is subject to non-exclusive jurisdiction of the NSW courts. Our clients also maintain a full legal audit trail to protect their intellectual property.

Commercial Risk
Dealing with offshore services providers exposes companies to delays, low quality work or worse, failure to meet commitments. Flat Planet―founded by executives with extensive experience in professional business services and offshoring―has established efficient and effective business processes to meet the expectations agreed upon with its clients.

Another aspect of commercial risk is data security. Flat Planet manages this. All our staff work in our offices—this is a controlled environment UNLIKE home workers. There is a professional security process in place that includes the physical environment (doors, security cameras, no cell phones, etc.) and the electronic environment (USB-ports disabled, Data Leak Protection (DLP) software, firewalls etc).

Cultural Risk
There is a sometimes real and sometimes imagined cultural gap between many Western and Asian business people and employees. Whether real or imagined, it can lead to confused and awkward communication or miscommunication.

By having full-time, senior Western management executives on the ground in our locations at all times, Flat Planet can close the cultural gap at any time should it arise. At any time you can pick up the phone or Skype, talk to the person on the ground and get the cut through you need to get the results that meet your expectations.

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Everyone in the global business community is excited about the potential of the Virtual Talent idea—but many are still uncertain about how to maintain control and drive productivity. Flat Planet works on this issue at three levels.

First, our own internal workplace culture is about individual commitment to professionalism and exhibiting the right behaviors and attitude to your work.

Second, there is an operations layer run to world’s best practice standards, overseeing your virtual talent and making sure productivity targets are met.

Third, we have people located in-country, for example in Sydney, who can assist in ensuring a correct alignment between expectations and outcomes.

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