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Flat Planet vs. Upwork/oDesk, Freelancer, etc.

Online services providers such as Freelancer and Upwork (formerly oDesk) are what we would consider as gateways for hiring remote workers to complete virtual projects that are typically small in scope.

Flat Planet works to build professional, dedicated, and full-time resources and teams to be housed in a world-class office space in a controlled environment under executive western management. It is completely different from posting a project or task on a board and having ultra-low-cost resources bid for the task from some unknown or unverifiable location in the remotest corners of a frontier economy.

An independent freelancer is great for some tasks—even Flat Planet uses these services for some of our tasks. However, if you actually want to outsource a critical task that is ongoing and can’t afford to fail or fall over, then Virtual Talent is your best option.


Flat Planet

Freelance Services Providers
(Upwork formerly "oDesk", Freelancer, etc.)


Contract with an Australian company who will be liable and accountable for virtual employees.

No contract, no liability, no accountability. You don’t know who you are actually dealing with.


Obligations and responsibilities are met by an Australian company.

Provides no security in the contractor’s environment.


Guaranteed 100% focus with log of screenshots every 10 minutes +3-minute Skype response rule

No guarantee that the contractor is actually focusing on your tasks.

Intellectual Property

We can assure that your intellectual property is secured.

There is no way of knowing if your intellectual property is secure.

Skill Comparison

The virtual talent will go through a process ensuring they possess the skills that will enable them to fulfil your tasks excellently.

There is no way of ensuring your contractor’s skills and experiences.


Substantially lower compared to hiring locally. A possibility of up to 70% savings.

Incredibly cheap.


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