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Flat Planet vs. BPO Companies

Flat Planet and BPO companies are similar in many ways, but we shall not consider Flat Planet as a BPO because what we do is still quite different.

Flat Planet provides employees with access to the resources they’ll need to work for you, while you will have the complete freedom of providing them with your personal instructions—just as you would with any other employee.

Flat Planet does not need to know anything about your actual business processes. You do not need to provide us with a document of the process you intend to use for your virtual team. This gives you more flexibility to handle your employees compared to how it would be with a BPO company.

BPOs are designed for larger corporations who have sustainable and identifiable business processes. They require a minimum permanent headcount; you won’t even get to meet and monitor any of the people who are working for you.


Flat Planet

BPO Companies


A simple contract with an Australian company with clear lines of accountability and responsibility.

A very detailed contract that has to include details of actual processes you are outsourcing.


Flat Planet has no requirement to obtain any visibility into your business process.

Vast security apparatus. Most large BPO providers have invested heavily in security.


Your virtual talent will be working exclusively for you.

Working on unknown number of multiple and always massive projects—huge internal competition for resources.

Engagement Model

We facilitate and have your virtual team up and running within two weeks.

Requires a long, detailed consultation with documentation of your business process, lengthy contract negotiations and could take months to commence work.

Engagement Size

Can engage with even just a single headcount.

A large minimum permanent headcount is required to be considered by a BPO company. This in order to make a reasonable rate of return on the cost of bringing you on-board.

Skill Composition

A team will be put together exactly according to your requirements.

You outsource the process, and the BPO will be in charge of deciding who will be in your team.


Rapid return on investment—given there is no upfront fee, you are 'in front' from the moment the new employee becomes productive.

Significant upfront consulting fees required as well as a major commitment on time. Can take significant time before a reasonable return on investment is achieved.


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