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Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission

Flat Planet provides a level playing field for professional employers and professional, career-minded employees. We provide access to the highest-value talent markets on the planet to all employers—whether big or small, private or public, profit or non-profit. At the same time, Flat Planet opens the door to professional career opportunities for the people who make up these talent markets.

Our Vision

Flat Planet sees a future world where organizations are made up of the best talent they can secure regardless of where that talent is located.

We believe this will create significant impact for business. By breaking down barriers and leveling off the global talent market, Flat Planet and similar organizations will be the key to creation of new efficiencies, ideas, as well as opportunities that will support the value of tomorrow’s enterprises.

We believe this will create significant impact for people. Flat Planet will be able to provide opportunities for the educated, the disciplined, the motivated and the aspirational—no matter where they live.

Our Values

Flat Planet holds the following to be true:

  1. All businesses and organizations should have equal access to the global talent market so they can maximize their chances to compete and build wealth and value.

  2. All people, no matter where they live, should be able to compete for the opportunity to build a career so they can progress their lives and build the future to which they aspire.

  3. All people should be treated with courtesy and respect, especially in regard to their professional achievements and career aspirations.

  4. That there is a common standard in relation to professional conduct that transcends all cultural and political borders, which, if adhered to, leads to greater commercial success for businesses and greater career success for talent.

  5. Discipline is the cornerstone of success and holds firm to these values:

    • Our dedication to our own personal professional development;
    • Our commitment to meeting and exceeding the expectations of those to whom we are accountable;
    • Our loyalty to the service and advancement of the organizations that we work for.

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