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Chris Moriarty, BA (jours) UniSA, MBA macq.

Founder & CEO

Chris Moriarty founded Flat Planet in late 2010 against two main ideas: First, that there is a significant gap in the market where too many focus on delivering ‘low cost’ talent as opposed to developing ‘high value’ talent. Secondly, that in the fullness of time, businesses would seek secure access to this high value talent based on their need recruit an increasingly scarce resource as opposed to just simply cutting costs.

Flat Planet therefore is focused on delivering high-value, professional and aspirational Filipino talent to businesses around the world.

While the name ‘Flat Planet’ clearly takes inspiration from Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat, the strategic focus of the business is probably more influenced by George Friedman’s The Next 100 Years where he spoke about the looming global shortage of well-educated, well-spoken and literate, English-speaking young professionals.

Prior to Flat Planet Chris spent 25 years in the professional services industry including a general management role with a strategic consulting firm serving major public companies such as National Australia Bank, Computer Associates and Ericsson. He was also previously a founding director of Strike Force Sales which was recognized by Business Review Weekly as one of Australia’s fastest-growing firms.

A key influence on Chris’s life has been several years as a child through the 1970s travelling through and living in Africa, southern Europe and Asia with his parents. Chris understands the challenges many good people face in their lives due to the circumstances of their physical environment and their society. He also appreciates the transformative power of opportunity for those that choose to embrace it.

Chris and his family re-located from Sydney to Manila and are now long term and established members of Manila’s ex-pat community.


Jenny Moriarty, B.Ed. (Primary) ACU


Jenny re-located from Sydney to Manila to join Chris in 2012, leaving behind a 15-year career as an early childhood teacher with the Catholic Education Office.

In Manila Jenny has become an established faculty member in the lower primary department at the British School Manila (BSM) - an institution widely regarded as one of the leading international schools globally, and certainly in Asia and the Philippines.

Jenny is also a Warden with the Australian Embassy and a highly-visible and very popular member of the ex-pat community.

Most importantly Jenny is also mum to Bella and Will – two Aussie kids who have now spent more than half their lives in the Philippines.

Jenny’s ability to hold the family and household together through such a significant change as re-locating to an entirely different country and culture (whilst starting a new business), while also finding a way to keep her personal career moving forward, is testimony to her resilience and openness to change.


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