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Who We Are

about us

Flat Planet helps you open the door to the high-value global talent market. By “high-value,” we mean educated and experienced professionals dedicated to creating an impact for organizations or businesses wherever they are located.

Your high-value talent lives and works in Flat Planet’s world-class professional offices located in Makati City, just 100 meters from the Philippine Stock Exchange in the heart of the nation’s financial district.

We call what we do Virtual Talent—we custom hire teams and individuals who are experienced and with a proven track records and highly developed skills that exhibit the right attitude and behavior towards work. Flat Planet’s virtual talent delivers a simple, straightforward solution that helps businesses tap offshore talent without taking unnecessary risks.

Flat Planet’s premium virtual services cater to businesses that never compromise quality of work or performance. The entire operation is overseen on-the-ground by an executive team led by western (Australian) executives.

How We Started

Flat Planet was founded in 2010 by successful entrepreneurs Chris Moriarty and David Barlow in Sydney, Australia. With their extensive background in the Australian industry and the global outsourcing sector, Chris and David understood the value of outsourcing to the Philippines because of the depth of its available talent. They also realized that many businesses still do not take advantage of the potential and valuable human resource available beyond local shores.

The key to their vision was a sense that much of the missed opportunity is driven by a great deal of misinformation—in particular not understanding or appreciating the depth of high-value talent available in the market. Flat Planet’s key idea is its focus on delivering deeply experienced and skilled individuals - not on the more traditional idea of focusing only on labor arbitrage.

Chris and David designed the Flat Planet business model to become the bridge to the high-value global talent market.

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