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FlatPlanet An Introduction

(394.887 kB)

Flat Planet creates a level playing field—any business can now quickly and easily gain the same access to high-value talent available globally to large corporations. Flat Planet makes it easy and affordable. We streamline the entire process.


FlatPlanet The Virtual Talent Model

(732.708 kB)

Virtual Talent is a full-time dedicated staff member who works only for you. They do whatever their job description requires of them. They work from an office located in Manila—think of it as a branch office but their employment is facilitated by a 3rd party—Flat Planet Pty Ltd.


FlatPlanet CaseStudy SQM Research

(480.57 kB)

When Louis Christopher, owner and Managing Director of SQM Research and Adviser Edge, first heard about Flat Planet he was a little bit unsure.

No doubt the proposal was compelling.


FlatPlanet The Development of the Global Talent Pool

(142.91 kB)

We live in an exciting time. Globalization has opened the door to global markets for business everywhere. But markets of course are two sided – the people in these markets not only buy – they also produce. On the back of decades of political, economic and technological development, a huge global talent pool is now open for business.


Flat Planet Case Study: GPR Delher

(518.332 kB)

Rob Jordon, Director of GPR Delher expresses both pleasure and pain when it comes to his dealings with Flat Planet.


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