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Flat Planet Case Study TCG

(2011.425 kB)

According to TCG management, "Flat Planet team demonstrated sincerity in getting to know us and understanding our needs. They were very professional and attended to our requirements."


Flat Planet Case Study IRD

(1939.122 kB)

Matt Skinner, Managing Director said "We went in with open eyes, and the experience has been overwhelmingly positive". "The education levels and quality of talent available was very attractive. The price point is particularly good and the communication levels of the talent are very strong."


Flat Planet Case Study Ensemble

(3369.084 kB)

Paul Green, Head of Digital, said that he was happy about their experience with Flat Planet. "We got more than we expected. It was a positive response and productive working relationship."


Flat Planet Case Study Cornerstone Digital

(2035.881 kB)

Michael Lam, Managing Director, initially had apprehensions about offshoring in the Philippines, but after partnering with Flat Planet, said "it is simply getting the right outsourcing partner and hiring model."


Ethical Outsourcing - Creating Difference

(3411.797 kB)

Flat Planet presents its White Paper on Ethical Outsourcing and how there is more to doing business than just making money: it can also be about Creating Difference in the lives of others.


Flat Planet Case Study: GPR Delher

(518.332 kB)

Rob Jordon, Director of GPR Delher expresses both pleasure and pain when it comes to his dealings with Flat Planet.


FlatPlanet CaseStudy SQM Research

(480.57 kB)

When Louis Christopher, owner and Managing Director of SQM Research and Adviser Edge, first heard about Flat Planet he was a little bit unsure.

No doubt the proposal was compelling.


FlatPlanet The Development of the Global Talent Pool

(142.91 kB)

We live in an exciting time. Globalization has opened the door to global markets for business everywhere. But markets of course are two sided – the people in these markets not only buy – they also produce. On the back of decades of political, economic and technological development, a huge global talent pool is now open for business.


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