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Telstra Global’s cloud solution powers Flat Planet’s expansion in Asia

Telstra Global, a leading global supplier of managed network and hosting services, today announced an agreement with Flat Planet to provide cloud-based Virtual Contact Centre (VCC) services to support its global expansion.




Telstra inks deal with Flat Planet for virtual contact centre

TOI-logoBANGALORE: Telstra Global, global supplier of managed network and hosting services, has signed an agreement with Flat Planet to provide cloud-based virtual contact centre (VCC) services to support its global expansion. 

Flat Planet, Australia's leading virtual talent company, provides BPO services to customers across Australia, Asia, North America and Europe.



Sending jobs offshore

February 27, 2013

Ross Greenwood speaks to Chris Moriarty the CEO of Flat Planet about outsourcing jobs to the Phillippines. More


Engaging with Asian business a two-way street

The Sydney Morning Herald
January 12, 2013

Incredibly, the Asian century white paper on Asian engagement did not deal directly with outsourcing, despite it being a key driver of Australian-Asian economic and social engagement. More


Philippines tech industries survive floods

Eric the EntrepeneurThe Register
August 30, 2012

To the west of the Philippines' capital, Manila, lies Laguna De Bay, a colossal freshwater lake that has just become the site of what can loosely be called maritime services startups.

The new businesses sprung up weeks ago after the annual monsoon hit the Philippines harder than usual. The lake filled, then spilled into surrounding suburbs. More


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