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Use Technology to Improve Small Businesses

The year is off to a positive start for many businesses. Websites that feature start-ups and new small businesses are all united in the conclusion that in 2016, things are looking up for many SMEs given the commitment of government authorities to increase assistance to small businesses. Still, it’s not advisable to be complacent as there are still many challenges out that that need to be defied and overcome.

One of the biggest challenges SMEs face is their failure to maximize the use of digital technology to increase their growth. Recent surveys have it that companies that are more tech-savvy than others enjoy faster development.

The IT research firm IDC came out with a survey involving some 3,210 respondents from 11 countries and who work in companies with employees numbering between 10 and 999. Based on the results, it was revealed that small businesses and companies all over the world have a basic understanding of the importance of analytics, collaborative and customer relationship management (CRM) software so they can operate more efficiently. They also know that digital technology such as apps and business management programs can help them compete against bigger companies.

It was also revealed that 39 percent of the correspondents see that their respective companies’ active participation in the digital economy will be crucial in their companies’ survival in the next three to five years. Different percentages also reported that they were making efforts to apply technology “to connect people, devices and businesses”.

In the meantime, 51 percent of the surveyed SMEs already use collaborative software as part of their “digital transformation.” This makes collaborative software the most commonly used among SMEs, followed by CRM and business analytics software. Significant percentages also reported that because of new technology solutions, they are able to start or continue their efforts to revise their workflow and processes so they can streamline operations and improve productivity.


In a separate survey by YouGov, however, it was discovered that some 65 percent of small business owners – specifically in the United Kingdom – fail to capitalize on the latest technology that already accessible to them.

Some 1,000 small businesses were surveyed, and findings have it that while business owners want to be more productive, they’re not aware of how they can use technology to be so. They don’t know how to use technology to save their business time, resources, and money.

Flat Planet is a company that makes use of technology to power its operations and to ensure that it is able to help its clients develop their respective businesses. As such, Flat Planet makes continued efforts to keep abreast of developments when it comes to technology small businesses can use to  successfully offshore and outsource their functions. 

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