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Trends in the New Workplace Small Businesses Should Adjust to

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Industry experts have it that companies should find means to remain in constant and close contact with their customers. This, they say, is among the best business practices that will help small companies grow. The closer to real time the connections small businesses build with customers, the better. Why is this necessary? There is no denying that the unstoppable growth and popularity of social media and mobile technology (and the so-called “mobile-first” phenomenon) has a deep impact on how people communicate and connect with others, on personal, professional, and commercial levels.

It’s urgent for small businesses to respond more quickly to changes in technology so they can ensure that they provide customers with better and constantly improving experiences. Apart from doing the usual sales and marketing measures, they should engage in networking activities so they can keep track of developments, adjust to them when needed, and hopefully grow.

It’s easier and faster now for customers to declare their approval or disapproval for the services and goods they buy from companies. Instead of writing letters to companies to issue complaints, they simply go online and post their views on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A single negative post can cause a chain reaction that can have a devastating impact on a business.

Given this, various HR experts such as Susan M. Heathfield say that small businesses should pay attention to four trends that are pushing changes in the workplace and how small companies should conduct work processes so they grow.

• Information overload. Because of the internet and the swift exchange of information, there is an overwhelming amount of data available. Some are useful, some are not. Employees should know which is which and make use of what can benefit the business and come up with plans of action.

The availability of powerful network technology. Network technology enables people to access information and insights from both internal and external sources in real time.

• Flexible work schedules and arrangements.  More and more companies are allowing more flexible work arrangements, adopting schedules that will enable their employees to be more productive and creative. These days, collaboration tools are more important than physical workspaces.

• Distributed teams.  Even small businesses now have access to technology that will enable them to have to staff from across organizational and geographical boundaries to get processes done.  Experts and professionals collaborate from different time zones to accomplish tasks using social network solutions and technologies.  They turn to customer relationship management programs and applications so they can monitor customer insight, keep track of their contacts, monitor their social media presence and stay on top their sales cycle whether involving new or long-established customers.

Flat Planet is a company that always keep track of developments in the offshoring industry and technology aimed to help small businesses grow.  Flat Planet is in the businesses of assisting its clients to find the best arrangements that will help them more productive.

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