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A Graphic Designer Can Boost Your Marketing and Sales Efforts

Monday, 29 September 2014 11:19

flatplanet blog impact agraphicdesignercanboostyourmarketingandsalesefforts

These days, even small companies hire the services of graphic designers to help strengthen their marketing campaigns and sales projects. Marketing campaigns require effective messages and catchy slogans, but all these have to be delivered also in visually attractive and arresting packages. A graphic designer, because of this, should mainly be a communicator who, instead of using words, primarily relies on images and the combination of text and images to present and sell ideas, products, and services.


Hire a Compliance Officer and Always Meet Legal Requirements

Tuesday, 16 September 2014 11:02

 flatplanet blog impact hireacomplianceofficerandalwaysmeetlegalrequirements

Do companies really need a compliance officer?  Yes. He or she is an employee who ensures that the company complies with its outside regulatory requirements and internal policies.  This is a detail-oriented task that requires focus and constant monitoring. Primary among the tasks of a compliance officers is the review and establishment of standards for outside communications by requiring disclaimers in emails. They also examine facilities to ensure that these are accessible and safe.  In other cases, compliance officers may also design or update internal policies with the aim to lessen or mitigate the risks the company may face regarding laws and regulations, as well as lead internal audits of procedures. The main goal of a compliance officer is to ensure that the company complies with all laws and protect it from possible losses.


Business Analysts Handle Facts, Figures and People

Wednesday, 03 September 2014 12:34


Why do you need a good business analyst?  Companies need business analysts to link all their departments and determine how the company is faring from within. It’s said that the business analyst serves to link all the departments and gauging how their operations are contributing or not to the company’s goals. They  are capable of problem-solving when it comes to data and related information; they know how to determine whether or not a company is incurring losses in different areas.  The core of their work is analysis, and they have to be good at going through financial and other data with a fine-toothed comb and explain what they imply for the company and its various stakeholders.Flat Planet can find and hire one for you, and your company will be all the better for it!


Hire Technical Support Specialists with IT Know-How and Effective Communication Skills

Wednesday, 20 August 2014 19:20

flatplanet blog impact techsupportwitheffectivecommunicationsskills

A technical support specialist is the one clients and businesses run to when they need technical support, advice and assistance to fix their technical, hardware and software system problems. Tech support specialist usually deal directly with users, and they should have good communication skills given that they have to answer queries from users. Based on a survey of different job websites, tech support specialists commonly have to deal with connection problems, user inability to access data, slow performance and inefficient programs. Some specialists work on site to modify, install, clean and repair computer software and hardware, but the others work in outsourced work arrangements and focus in software issues.


Working with Filipinos and the Power Distance Index

Thursday, 07 August 2014 10:43

flatplanet blog impact workingwithfilipinos

There is no debating that knowing the work values of the people we hire is very important. You wouldn’t want to hire anyone who does not have positive work values; one who doesn’t know the value of their own work or does not take pride in it. 

Here is where the Filipino Work Values Scale can prove useful. In the late 1980s, it was more of an instrument used to determine the work values of Filipino students, but it has since been used to measure the values of Filipino employees. The scale is comprised of 80 items and it takes some 20 minutes to finish it.


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