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Email Marketing Is Still King

Tuesday, 22 March 2016 16:22

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Many small businesses take advantage of email marketing as a way to reach out to more people and turn them into clients.  The trick is to maximize email marketing and make our email and newsletter campaigns more effective and attractive to potential clients even as we use our email blasts to keep in touch with existing ones.Flat Planet keeps a regular schedule for its newsletter as well as posts daily on all its social media sites with the goal to keep clients abreast of company developments and to show potential clients that they will greatly benefit from working with us. 


Sales and Marketing 101 for Small Businesses

Thursday, 03 March 2016 16:44


It’s important to know the difference between marketing and sales and to not mistake one for the other. Misunderstanding one for the other and the purpose of each type of business function can lead a start-up or small business to miss out on important opportunities. Flat Planet is an Australian offshoring company based in the Philippines that can help small businesses generate sales and put together marketing campaigns. It has teams of professionals to perform these functions for clients.


Help Your Company Prevent Serious Accounting Mistakes

Thursday, 18 February 2016 16:16

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Many small companies and businesses are vulnerable in their early years. After all, they’re still finding their footing in the market, accumulating customers and clients, and generally trying to get settled for the long haul. Given this, they should be extra careful when it comes to their finance documentation. Experts say that accounting mistakes can cause great damage to a small business. There are some very common accounting mistakes that small businesses make and it's important that they should be avoided.


Take Advantage of the Mobile-First Market

Tuesday, 09 February 2016 11:44

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David Cagahastian in a special report titled “Retailers can use mobile technology to grow business” has pointed out that small businesses and retailers can use mobile technology to grow the businesses.  He said that small businesses can partner with big telcos to expand their reach to consumers who now shop online using their smart phones. Because of this, companies that are into retail business should create their own mobile applications that will enable smart phone users to shop online for their various products, or look up their service offerings. This is sound advice given that reports that by the end of 2016, there might very well be 30 million smartphones and tablets in the Philippines (and an almost equal number of users, it is assumed) that will become a significant segment of the target market for mobile financial services, marketing campaigns and retail goods.


Own Your Goals and Base them on Your Own Values

Tuesday, 19 January 2016 12:06

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Start the year right by setting your goals and your desired outcomes clearly. It’s important that we always keep track of what we want to achieve in life so that we can also plan our actions that will help us to achieve what we want. It’s not enough that we know what we want: it’s important that we know what do to get what we want.When it comes to work goals, it’s easy to keep track of what we should aim for. Do you want a promotion? Do you want a better, streamlined work process that will make your daily tasks easier and more efficient?  Some want to increase their number of customers and clients, or cut down the hours spent sitting in unproductive meetings.  Whatever goals we pick, they should be the ones that really get us excited to meet.


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