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What We Do

what we do

Flat Planet will provide you with highly experienced and professional virtual talent who can handle tasks and roles that will help your business develop a competitive edge—typically at less than 50% of the cost of hiring an equivalent locally.

We will do the task of a recruiter going through a pool of talents and short-listing the most qualified. This makes it easier for you to interview and choose the best candidate to get started on the work right away.

The recruitment process works like this:

  1. We will recruit talent based on the job description you provide.
  2. We will shortlist the most qualified candidates.
  3. We will set up a video conference interview between you and the candidates.
  4. When a virtual talent is chosen, he or she will go through training.
  5. Finally, the virtual talent can start working for you!

You can count on our support to ensure that you and your newly hired virtual staff have a strong working relationship. Our employee training will help them integrate better into your working standards, focusing on your workplace culture and required skill sets.

We will manage all HR functions, including salary negotiations, payroll, occupational health and safety, and other employee concerns.

We will provide employees with the tools and technology they need, including their own space, a desktop computer with the latest applications (e.g., Windows 7, Office Professional 2010, etc.), a high-speed, business-grade broadband Internet connection, a webcam, a scanner, and other productivity tools.

To further simplify: you will be the employee’s virtual employer while Flat Planet will be the actual employer. You will provide them with the workload while we hold responsibility to meet all employment obligations to employees.

The Philippines has a robust set of workplace regulations that many European, American or Australian executives will find familiar. To employ people directly in the Philippines, you would have to be incorporated—a process that is relatively straightforward, but reasonably lengthy and expensive. There are considerable on-costs that relate to a national medical fund, retirement benefits, compulsory holiday bonuses, and so on.

Like elsewhere, payroll is a major process requiring registration with multiple agencies and multiple payments to multiple parties. Flat Planet will take care of all of these. We will help you explore opportunities and take advantage of the best options for your business.

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