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How it Works

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Flat Planet is in the Virtual Talent business.

Think of us as an offshore recruitment agency headquartered in Australia and the Philippines. We specialize in staffing businesses with virtual employees. All of the virtual employees we source for you work in our offshore Philippines offices, in a controlled environment.

In addition to providing the right work environment, we take care of all the basic people issues that you would expect to deal with with any staff in any location. For example, we manage payroll, leave, performance management, sickness, attitude, and so on.

We pride ourselves in recruiting staff that will not only do their jobs right, but also work to help companies excel in their respective industries. We make it easy for you to access highly qualified people.

Flat Planet’s functions are not limited to merely being your talent recruiter and outsourcing partner to the Philippines. We also provide your virtual staff with office space, work desks, and everything they need to accomplish the tasks or roles you need for your business.

While there are many benefits to hiring staff the Flat Planet’s way, we also understand that there are concerns regarding this staffing strategy. First, you’re probably asking yourself how you can even begin to trust people you have never met and are in fact working from a country you may have never been to. Flat Planet fully understands this, which is why we have reduced the risks for you.

You will sign a contract with Flat Planet Pty. Ltd.—an Australian company—to supply you with services. Flat Planet Pty. Ltd. has a supply agreement with Flat Planet Inc. (Philippines). These two companies have almost identical shareholdings to ensure that any legal risks associated with offshore outsourcing are minimized. Flat Planet Inc. (Philippines) will hire Filipino professionals for you and be the ones associated with employer responsibilities like payroll, regulatory, contractual and security requirements. This system ensures that Flat Planet can both be legally liable to you as well as to your virtual employees.

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