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So What Jobs Can You Outsource Offshore?

I’m often asked, “So, what work can be sent offshore?” It’s a good question because not many people have been exposed to hiring directly offshore, for example in the Philippines. Many don’t know what type of skills are available in the labour market, and in most cases, their experience is limited to speaking with an ANZ or Telstra contact centre operator. Because of this, they end up thinking that the Philippines can only offer contact centre agents. 

This, for the most part, is true. The Philippines is the contact centre capital of world – with more contact centre agents that any other country in the world (including India). Having said that, when you consider that the Philippines has an official workforce count of 42,250,282 people (World Bank 2014) and some 700,000 contact centre agents (Call Centre Association of the Philippines 2015), contact centre agents actually represent less than 2% of the workforce.

I liken this to many foreign people thinking that there are kangaroos jumping down George Street, Sydney. Of course they’re not. It’s just a stereotype - like that Filipinos are only good at contact centre work.

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The plot to the real outsourcing story revolves around this question: what, in addition to contact centre work, can be outsourced? This is an interesting question to which there are many interesting answers.

Please don’t confuse traditional outsourcing (this refers to end-to-end outsourcing wherein you hand over control to a service provider) with the model of engagement we use for our small to medium sized business clients which we call Virtual Talent.

In the Virtual Talent model, you retain control: you build your team (that report to you) whose members adopt your culture, your process and your business practice.

By way of example, below are some of the full time roles we have created in the Philippines:
Online Research  Writing (Copywriting/Blogging)   Debtor Collection (B2C & B2B)
CRM Updating/Prospect Database Development  Graphic Design   Data Entry
Estimating/Drafting (construction industry) Executive Assistance (virtual assistant)   Administration
Front End/Back End Development Virtual Receptionist  Management Accounting
Mobile App Developers Bookkeeping Online Chat Sales and Support 
Software Developers Accounts Payable Marketing Support
Web Developers Accounts Receivable IT Support
Appointment Setting Reconciliations Legal Transcription
Gaming Development HR Admin  Sales Support

So really, what type of roles can be run from in the Philippines is only limited by your imagination. 


 As long as it’s a full-time role wherein your virtual talent reports back to a senior person in Australia, and the role doesn’t need to be client facing or onsite. 

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